Monday, July 21, 2014

homeless - again [in progress]

here you can see our tile
our old fireplace
i mentioned in the last post how we were remodeling our home so i haven't been able to blog like i like to. believe me, i have so much to talk about but with everything going on, i don't have the time to write! justin and i try to do one of our [many, many] big house projects a year. granted, we've only done it once before with our backyard but still, we have so much we want to do but not the time or money! a top priority for me was replacing our floors. when we moved in, we had a tan shag carpet. it was cheap, thin but did the job. it got super dirty, super quick- especially because there was carpet in our dining room. i have been begging justin to let me get the carpet's cleaned but he insisted he wanted to replace it, not clean it. there was about 3 different types of carpet/tile going on too, so that didn't flow. but most of all, the small tack board with nails in it [don't know the name] was getting exposed because of our cheap carpet and would often poke us in the foot!

we finally got funds & everything in order to get tile. my number one pick would be wood, but that's impractical for vegas heat and too expensive for us. my second choice was wood tile, which looks amazing! again, too expensive. i am hoping we are only at this house for another few years  [1300 square feet is quickly becoming too small for our family of four] so i don't want to spend a lot on money on something we're not going to be in forever. we settled for plain boring tan tile- like everyone else has in vegas. but it really does make the most sense [easy to clean and cool] and is the nicest and best value for our money. you don't realize it, but with tile you have to replace baseboards. since we're going that, we're repainting our walls to a color we love [i loathe tan- and it's everything in vegas]- a soft white-gray color. and when we did that and the tile, we had to replace the tile around our fireplace. and then we had to replace our broken vanity and toilet. so there really is a lot of changing around here. justin took up all the tile and carpet himself which saved us  money but took a lot of time and manpower. since my mom moved to utah, we stayed at justin's mom's house which was hard. as kind and gracious as my mother in law is, it's still not home. during the renovations, we've had toilets on our back patio [which landon used to pee in], one toilet to share and a washer you had to move to use the toilet/tub/sink, no hot water in the sink, no stove/oven, and pianos in rooms. things are dusty and gross and crowded but it will be all worth it for a nice home!
notice our new color on the left [ a soft gray] and the old [a medium tan]
it's been a long three weeks but it's finally [mostly] done. we're waiting on our rug to be delivered for our living room [you don't realize how much carpet muffles sound until it's gone] for our kids, we need to assemble a small cabinet to house our internet cables that are in our dining room, and everything needs a deep scrub. and don't even get me started on our spare bathroom [it is currently in demolition mode]. that needs a new toilet, vanity, and accessories. plus we are baseboard-less so my fridge is in the garage. like i said, it's been a long and rough three weeks. i am feeling incredibly poor but very blessed that my husband has the skills to do so much himself, that we have friends and family to help us and that we can do these things to our home to make it nicer.

but still, i am done sharing a toilet with a two and a half year old. dude cannot aim.
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Caitlin said...

Your house is going to look amazballs after its all done!!

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