Wednesday, July 16, 2014

baby update: half a year

poundage: 16lbs 7oz

teethage: none yet! but i can tell he's working on them. there was a week where he was uber cranky but thankfully that has passed [for now]. it is hard work growing teeth.

what porter loves: his brother! his mama! his daddy! he is just a loving, sweet baby. he loves watching kids play. he loves it when dad comes home from work. he loves watching his brother poop [really- it's disturbing. he just laughs and laughs at him]. he loves water [except cold pool water] and loves his binkie. i took landon's away about this age [when he could put it in his mouth by himself] but i just don't have the heart to do it to porter. it was easy to be tough on landon because he was so hard. porter is so sweet so it's much more difficult. i'm probably going to have him stop wearing it then just use it to nap. he loves to 'stand' and watch kids.

what porter hates: being scared. he's finally aware when brother comes up to scream in his face. or jumps out at him. or does other irritating things. he still adores landon, but not all the time. he doesn't like being put down [like most babies] and isn't a super fan of him bumbo, but this kid is a trooper. he's pretty amazing. oh, he does hate the car seat too but that's normal.

what porter has eaten: i started him on cereal at 5 months [a month later then landon] but he was not interested. at all. so far i've given him apple sauce, sweet potatoes, squash and zucchini. oh, and banana. i've given him tastes before but he wasn't that interested. one day when we were swimming i started eating one while holding him and he just attacked that banana like it was a cheesecake! his first poop after trying real food was disgusting and clumpy. but i'm happy for him to be able to nurse a bit less often.

what we're working on: growing teeth, rolling from his front to his back, eating [i feel like breast fed babies have a more difficult time eating normal food. anyone else? like his mouth and tongue don't know what to do. landon caught on super quick], going binky-less, sleeping non-swaddled.

what we're not looking forward to: surgery less then a week. it's going to be expensive, painful, and hard for us parents. but it's needed. it's just an outpatient procedure but he'll still be under anesthesia. justin's dad works at the hospital so i'm hoping we can get some kindastronomical this year! [that word was for you kitty-cait] more teething will be a pain too. and the hot hot weather that locks us inside.
of discount. medical bills have been

what we're looking forward to: HOPEFULLY grandma shell returning to vegas in the fall [but i'm doubting it will happen]. more time at the pool. landon's birthday surprise [i'm hoping we can go to disneyland!]. cooler weather. being more mobile. landon was walking at 9 months people; i honestly don't think porter will because he's content with being loved and held. it's just weird that i had a baby do that 3 months from now. i do like him to be on the move- it's a lot more fun that way.

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Caitlin said...

He is 6 months old already? I swear that can't be right! He is adorable and I just want to eat him up! Abby had a really easy time learning to eat solids too, but Madalyn took a while to catch on. Happy 6 months Porter!

Caitlin said...

Oh and ps, that picture where he is sleeping while grocery shopping, I totally thought it was Landon just at first. You can totally tell they are brothers.

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