Wednesday, July 30, 2014

my favorite things: a skinny summer

long gone are the days where i can eat whatever i want, whenever i want. i think i was maybe, 5? i've always been a fluffy gal but i still ate whatever i wanted when i was a teenager [that explained my waistline] and hoped to burn it off come lacrosse season [usually did- i look fabulous]. now, two babies in and almost 30 [ugh] and i really have to keep my eye on things. that has been the theme of my summer so enjoy.

weight watcher's app - $60 for 3 months, well worth it. it's nice to be accountable for what i eat and being able to look up foods/restaurants and make better choices. it has really helped me curb my snacking. for some, meetings might be beneficial. to me, they are unrealistic. i could not make meetings, let alone with two kids. plus weighing in in front of someone would be humiliating. so this works well for me!

smart ones frozen meals - on sale, $1.88. well worth it. i don't eat them every day and usually pair them with a salad and some fruit. [by itself, it would not be filling]. on my twitter page i list which ones i specifically like and dislike. i need to venture out and try other brands- any suggestions?

smoothies! i cannot get enough of the tropical smoothie kiwi quencher with splenda. i seriously dream about it- plus it's only 7 points for whole thing, a great breakfast. the $5 price tag, is not so i have been buying jamba juice's packages but they are definitely not the same.

witches of east end - i love me some channing tatum. and his wife is in it. i kinda got bored with army wives so i've moved on to this series and i enjoy it so far. i haven't loved a show enough to binge watch in a while but i have high hopes for this one.

target - i mean, who doesn't love target? but with renovating, that means redecorating. i've spent soo much money there lately on a cabinet, throw pillows, curtains, you name it. i was so sad this rug i loved wasn't available there but found a comparable one at sears. i was complaining to justin about it and he pulled them side by side- they were identical. well, target's was cheaper so i had some basis.

reese's oreos - i bought a package because i saw it online and devoured them. then i bought my pregnant friend a package.... and they disappeared. then i bought two more and gave her one. so scrumptious with milk. they taste like nutter butters.

my garden's bounty - i have tomatoes coming out my ears! and i don't even like tomatoes. we've had a lot of salads, salsas, tomato sauce, etc. i've especially loved the zucchini and cucumbers! we've also had a few green peppers and banana peppers. come fall [if the summer heat doesn't kill them] we should have some pumpkins! can you imagine! it's been a fun game coming up with new recipes to try- plus sharing them with neighbors is nice.

slurpees - i mean, come on. it's summer, it's hot. this is what you do.

pools & splash pads - because nothing wears out a little boy more then some sun & some water.

palmer's foot magic cream - for reals, this stuff is magic. the harrison men have been cursed with dry, cracked feet and even landon was suffering from it. i tried everything and nothing really worked - then a random pick up one late evening and i hit the foot lotion jackpot!

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Caitlin said...

You are doing so good on weight watchers! you are awesome. is that witch show in netflix? i will have to try it. however, currently i am watching dr. who, so it will have to wait. also, i really wish abby liked splash pads. she fills up with so much anger when the water hits her face. lame child.

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