Monday, May 19, 2014

thumbelina & me

remember thumbelina? she was a great gal. i feel like her, fern gully, and the swan princess have gotten a raw end of the deal in life. they were awesome sauce- much cooler then other unnamed disney princesses [cough cough, looking at you elsa. you were basically the bad guy but just looked hot while you were doing it]. anyway i've always had a soft spot and a desire to have a green thumb- until i actually started doing it and realize i have no interest in gardening. but i am still trying to learn! this year one of my goals was to build my   storage and general emergency preparedness. we've saved money,  i updated our 72 hours kits, bought some food storage, and justin made me a garden! the garden box was called our dirt garden for a while because it sat like this.

then justin & steven filled it up and we planted some plants! he really did the garden but i think there's banana & green peppers, pumpkins, garlic, zucchini, squash, strawberries, and lots and lots of tomatoes. like an insane amount. they seem to grow well in las vegas.

spring forward a few weeks and look how beautiful it is! my friend ali's dad runs the orchard in town [by the i mean the only one] so she's given me a couple tips. we somewhat missed the window for growing greens like lettuce but we still managed a few stems. ali actually said she thinks we have the best home garden she's ever seen!

i still feel super overwhelmed with gardening. it's not something that comes easy in vegas and vegas itself has tons of different rules. so i'm leaving that to justin and i'll stick to buying canned food. super proud of my man and our garden!
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Kari said...

Oh how I wish we had our own place so we can garden. You'll be surprised how yummy home-grown food tastes. Of course weeding is the not-so fun part. But it's worth it! Great job!

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