Saturday, May 17, 2014

life lately: dimples & tramp stamps

life lately has been a lot of slobbery, dimpley smiles from my favorite little porter belly. isn't he just darling? it's been popsicles at mema's house and a little boy cutting my toenails. don't worry, no pedicures were damaged in the making of this photograph. notice him putting his leg on mine. bc when i do his, i 'put my ginromous' leg on his to pin him down. it's also been lunch dates with my main men and me being so thankful for my blessings.
 life has been full of 2 year old tantrums. the twos are terrible. the ones were pretty horrible too, and i'm not a fan of the baby years. landon is a big ball of joy but he is a whole lot of work too. here he was throwing a fit over something ridiculous like always. it's been finding weird mushrooms in my growing garden- at least i can grow something! and lately we've spent a lot of time with my soon-leaving mama.
 being the second born, same-sex kid is the worst and new clothes are a rarity. here my baby boy is in his easter shirt, picked out by his big brother. life has been full of scripture readings and landon enjoying his own special set. it's been time on the ground with a big brother who just adores his little. and it's been celebrating our grandma shell's big day.
 lately, we've been learning to sit in our bumbo. and porter is getting better and better! it's been buying an expensive but awesome membership to the discovery museum and learning how to build houses. it's been making lists and lists with his pad of paper and silly googly eyes in porter's father's day tie.
 surprise surprise! more fits! this one lasted a couple hours- lucky me! porter loves looking at himself in the mirror and more so, looking at me in the mirror with my face right next to his! it's one of my favorite things to do each day. and life has been delicious. landon carried in grandma shell's birthday cupcakes and this was the result.
 lastly, life has been beautiful and green. it's been trying out a butterbeer from starbucks [too sweet for me. it tasted like a melted shake to me]. it's been a mommy envious of this kid's tramp stamp and an adorable boy in my wonderful life.

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KinderTeach said...

I'm totally giving your kids tramp stamps!!

Kari said...

Poor Landon, his life is so hard! Haha, and little Porter is getting so big!

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