Wednesday, May 14, 2014

fancy free date night

justin's job has many perks [and downfalls]. currently i am suffering from one of the downfalls. so i'd like to write about one of the perks so i can release some of this anger i have! [do you see what i'm doing here? pretty amazing] justin is invited to many a'fundraiser/gala/auction/luncheons & dinners. he gets sick of them. i LOVE going to them! it gets me out of the house, i get to get gussied up, free dinner and time with my sailor. sounds lovely. this was the second event we got to go to in less then a month! the first was the lincoln day dinner- this one was at the same venue but was bigger, better, and so much fun! i know i've written about opportunity village before. we go to their hallOVeen & magical forest even every year, which is always a blast. they work to providing education and employment opportunities for people in need, especially after high school. honestly, i never thought about the kids i knew in the special ed program in hs but they need jobs & training, just as much as the next person. this ceo dinner was an auction as well. they auctioned off artwork, hotel packages and other pieces.

we've gone to the venetian several times for functions [it's one of the largest venues in the world, #5 i think] but this was the biggest and nicest ballroom i've been in. in the reception area, people enjoyed cocktails and i stalked this creature. and man, did she stay in character. i complemented her and she did a slow-finger wave to me and slightly bowed. it was especially creepy. we were seated front and center at one of the tables belonging to the ceo of the foundation. he was actually a dude who was in our 1st married ward and justin had run into him several times since then because they are incredibly politically [and socially, apparently] active. what great people. we didn't really know the people at our table but it was still fun meeting someone new. especially someone who wasn't wearing diapers- i think. the menu was not that good [poached swordfish and pickled fennel? no. thank. you.] but the decorations were amazing. and great entertainment! they had several videos that told stories about some of the students, groups performed songs, others were presented, one told of how he just got a job at trader joe's a few days before. it was incredibly touching. just seeing these individuals who have achieved so much with what they had been given- it was amazing. these things are always pretty swanky and just attending feels like a donation to me [especially since they are usually $100+ a plate, not that we pay that] so we usually don't participate. we are no rockefeller's. but even we donated to the scholarship fund. it was an amazing night and such a great program.

*funny story- when we walked in, justin mentioned that we were probably the youngest people there. which may have been true. then we met a 19 then a 14 year old who were both their parent's date for the evening. then we spied a 2 year old sitting on her dad's lap. being perfect but still. people get a babysitter! it was a black tie event! i think things like that only happen in vegas. at one event, i even saw a man wearing jeans and a t-shirt at a table with people in coat & tails. we keep it classy here.
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Caitlin said...

Look at you fancy smancy pants!! I would love to get all gussied up and spend an evening with no diapers, or trouble-making two year olds!!

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