Friday, May 9, 2014

life lately: red lips & squishy toes

life lately has been a series of highs and a whole lot of butt lows. porter's smile just brightens my day while mysterious tamprums over nothing. pantless. serioulsly- it went on forever and there was no rhyme or reason. luckily there are wonderful clouds that happy to see me on my few and far between runs. seriously, no filter. and look how big my baby has grown! he's 3 months old which means he is no longer a newborn. 
lately we'be been hanging out with our girl charlotte. she's coming back in a week and let me tell you, we are thrilled! while landon completely adores his little brother, he needs his friends like he needs a hole in his head. so does his mother. luckily his mother fills voids in her life with slurpees. and luckily for his mother, he's been doing so good with his potty training i don't feel too bad giving him one.
 life has been delicious and completely grease filled breakfasts for general conference- think monkey bread, chocolate milk, bacon and fried hashbrowns. so delicious, let me tell you. it's been trying out our busy bags from the party, including fishing for fishes. unfortunatly, little boys view sticks as weapons and long strings are things they can wrap things around. like little cute and adorable brother's necks. not that that has happened, but i am quite worried, let me tell you.
life lately included A KID-FREE DATE! it was quite fantastic! it was supposed to be a kroegel-harrison date but the kroegels got sick much to my dismay [and to hollys! it was her birthday!]. it was turned into a classic irelander-harrison date for meghan's birthday. we visited a fancy and delicious italian bistro then a mini-golf date which included several bunny sightings! not just bunnies, BABY bunnies. so adorable. and i totally killed it, for a couple strokes. life has been full of wonderful gifts- like this spiderman race tracks. and blue icees from a dinner at church.
life has been sick - sick sick sick. there are has a whole lot of sicknesses in such a short amount of time.  i feel we can't kick it. but it made for a whole lot of snuggles with my big baby bear and sweet smiles from my little baby.
lastly, life has been wonderful. porter just smiles and loves on me and i can't get enough of these toes. they are delicious- really bring out the vampire in me. it's been trips to home depot as we get our yard ready for summer and i dream of new floors. and it's been a sad dad as he found our little boy covered in lipstick. red is really not his color.

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Caitlin said...

Oh goodness! Porter has the sweetest smile! They are enough to brighten anyones day. Sorry Landon is having such bad fits. Abby has her days too. It's a good thing they are cute otherwise right?

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