Monday, May 5, 2014

hippity hoppity

easter this year was quite fantastic. i just love being a mom and i love my two little boys! they make holidays so much fun! especially now that landon really gets things. the monday before easter we did a family home evening about the story of jesus' resurrection. i filled easter eggs with certain symbols about easter, put out pictures that helped tell the story and then we watched the living scriptures version. i can't believe how much he LOVED this story. kinda ominous when you think about it. since monday he has asked for me to tell him this story over twenty times. seriously- he can't get enough of it! it makes my heart so happy to see him embracing the gospel.

friday we stopped by tivoli village for the petting zoo and pictures with the easter bunny [an actual bunny in a basket]. unfortunately, everyone and their mother had the same idea. we were there an hour and we still wouldn't have made it to the front of the line- i have never seen an event there that big! we did get some free cotton candy and bunny ears out of it though.

look how big he is!

saturday is the day we celebration the secular side of easter. the easter bunny brought landon and porter their baskets with a few presents in the morning [including 'frozen'] then we went to mema's house to go hunting for eggs. thursday landon and mema dyed eggs together [landon wasn't too interested]. he had so much fun finding the eggs. please feel bad for him though- he only got 4 pieces of candy and only got to eat 2 of them. inside most of his eggs were army men. he has been begging for them since he played with the older neighbor boy's set. he had so much fun! i believe that some secularism is good for holidays. it helps spread awareness about the holidays plus it's just fun! that night we had dinner with the irelands and i got to watch frozen. it was a great movie but landon was not that interested in it.

on sunday we went to church and mema came along. the kids were having a particularly hard day and were cranky beyond a doubt. still a wonderful and uplifting meeting. that night we had dinner with my family. peanut, the sweet boy that he is, was so excited and wanted to do an egg hunt for landon. so he filled his own eggs up with candy from my moms, including one of his dollars he got that day, and hid them in the front yard for landon. how sweet is that? such a great and wonderful easter holiday.

it's amazing to me that christ, a being so powerful and loving, willingly felt all the pains that i have felt. and not just for me, but for everyone. i have been struggling through some things lately and i am so thankful that i can turn to someone in my prayers who has literally felt what i have felt. and even though what i struggle with is no where near as hard as what others do, he still knows it's hard for me and helps me through it. the gospel is true. christ loves me and he loves you too. and i love reese's pb eggs but i am grateful they will be leaving shelves soon.
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Kari said...

That's so sweet what your nephew did for Landon, filling up easter eggs with his own candy - that right there is what easter's all about :) Sweet post, thank you!

Caitlin said...

What a fun Easter weekend. Peanut is so cute to do that for Landon. Seriously, that is adorable. Kids are so sweet. Hope you are doing a little better now! Love you!

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