Wednesday, April 30, 2014

life lately: sick of these yet?

i honestly could write most of my posts as a life lately- because it's a good mix of my life, nothing much  in common except the people in it. but still, enjoy. life lately has been hilarious. jimmy fallon will create a hashtag and i really embraced the #myweirdfamily one. i can't help it it really rings true for me. 

 lately we've been hanging out with friends, including our annual trip to gilcrease bird sanctuary. we had just watched 'the emporer's new groove' so landon was a fan of the llama. porter was not. i thought it was good for humanity to know that he has moments where he cries. and it sounds like a wounded kitten and i laugh. and sorry for the graphic picture but let's all do a hallelujah- praise the lord as landon is potty trained! even at night! holy moly i am happy!
 lately we've had some issues with sleeping. landon wakes up more at night then porter. we've started putting him to bed earlier and that's helped a bit but every morning at 5:30 this kid is up. and it's killing me. i love him but i am not a nice person at 5:30am. and what is it with little boys and underwear on their head? it's like an intrinsic urge they're born with. thankfully porter has not quite achieved this level of weirdness and is the sweetest little guy in the world.
lately, we were able to go out on a date! without the kids! remember when we went last time to the lincoln day dinner? this time was much better. since we were there less time and the centerpieces were much nicer. my mother in law got sick and had to cancel last minute. thankfully my amazing friend stepped in and volunteered to babysit on a night she easily could have used for her own date night. porter even took a bottle from her! and the mc aka guy in charge of the fundraiser looked like the dude from sweet home alabama. such a great night out! oh and i thought miss nevada was there but no, she was not. she was miss northeast nevada- what a waste.
lately i've been hating my hair and my hair color so i've looked for ingenious ways to hide it or not do it.  this is one of my creations. it's also been such wonderful snuggle time with the sleep master [this was nap time after church]. life has also been full of tantrums that lead to exhaustion. tantrums that would make you want to jump out a building. holy cow i thought his baby fits were horrible- they were nothing. thankfully, my man phil knows me and gets me through the hard times.
 lastly, life has been trips to logandale for fundraisers. and mcdonald's bc landon and mama do not eat bbq [well, what they had at the bbq. it was kind of horrible]. it's also been a mom trying to be pretty- by buying make up, doing hair and wearing pants. landon was not too thrilled with my selie but he asked to send daddy one! oh look, misplaced pictures! at the bird sanctuary we saw days-old baby goats and even got to pet them! here's just two of his pals but we were able to go with over 10 friends. such great times in vegas spring time!

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KinderTeach said...

Love me some Phil

The hashtags were so funny. I don't think I ever told you that when you wrote them. I even had to read them to mom a week or so ago so she could chuckle too. I think she was just glad they weren't about her!

Caitlin said...

I love those tweets. Haha!! And that is awesome Landon is full fledged potty trained. Abby is in the day basically, but she still wakes up wet. How did you get Landon trained through the night? Also, we went thru a phase where both kids would wake up at night, but I promise it passes. Well, it did for Madalyn anyway. Abby on the other hand WILL NOT stay in her bed again. Kids! am i right?

Caitlin said...

Oh and ps, you look amazing!! Seriously!

Kari said...

Your hair is totally gorgeous. I love it. I hate my hair and would trade gladly! Oh, and I repeat myself when I say you looked smoking on your fancy schmancy date!

And hooray for Landon potty training! I hope you find a way to keep him in bed and his tantrums at bay...or at least a way to survive through it all.

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