Wednesday, May 21, 2014

baby update: 4 and 14

monthage: 4

poundage: 14lbs and 2oz

what porter loves: me, he just adores me, and i love it. it's so nice to be love so unconditionally.  he doesn't laugh for me though- he saves those for mema & her tickley nails. he loves his daddy too, especially staring at him. he loves his fingers and will chomp on them. he loves being held of course. and he's starting to like his play mat which is nice because he gets ignored more then he should. poor guy is just too chill and landon is just too high maintenance. he's starting to like his play mat a bit and he loves tv [mom of the year, right here. not that i put him in front of tv but that's where i am and he just stares at it]. and his mar moo-cow [my name]. i don't love him enough to buy him a sophie- poor second child. he also likes watching tv with us which makes me feel like a champ of mom.
i loathe vests but he somehow pulls this off
looks like a little mobster

what porter hates: not much- he is such a champ. he used to hate going asleep alone but now he prefers it and it makes me so sad. he is not a fan of the sun in his face. or his car seat.

what we're working on: learning how to roll over. learning calculus- it's never too early folks. and i think he's got some teeth growing too bc he is a big slobber goose. and eating from my left boob- dude is quite particular on what he likes and what he doesn't.

what we're looking forward to: his surgery in july- not really looking forward to that but i will be glad once it's done. i'm excited for him to start being able to interact [or at least acknowledge] landon's efforts to love and play with him as good hearted and not as attacks. i'm also super jazzed for our 4th of july retreat to utah to see our family! but that's more me then him. let's just say he's excited to see charley.

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KinderTeach said...

And Charley will love him soooo much. Although I don't know if Landon can share him.

Caitlin said...

What surgery is Porter having? He is adorable. Can't wait to see him!

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