Friday, March 21, 2014

turn off the boob tube & read: smorgasborge

holy macaroni it's been a while since i've given one of my book reviews. believe me, i haven't slowed down my reading but i guess i didn't think about reviewing them here. mostly because what i read is from suggestions from you folks! but here's what i've been reading when i'm not wiping someone's butt.

the alchemist by paulo coelho - a friend picked this for march's book club [we still have book club- granted almost no one wants to actually read so the last book we did was my selection of 'dad is fat'] and honestly, i don't get what the big fuss is. maybe because i read for the story and not the philosophical nuggets. it's a quick read: it's about a shepherd in spain who is approached by a god-like guide who urges him to make a quest for his personal legacy- a treasure at the egyptian pyramids. it's about his journey and what he learns along the way. it was originally written in the 80s and translated to english [you can tell]. not my cup of tea but here are some quotes i looked up on goodreads. because there were good quotes but i don't like to read books for that- that's why i read my scriptures.
it's the possibility of a dream coming true that makes life interesting.
there is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve- the fear of failure
everyone seems to have a clear idea of how other people should lead their lives but none about their own

allegiant by veronica roth - i really loved divergent and am super stoked about the movie coming out in a few weeks but man, i am so disappointed in how it ended. call me old fashioned but i love happy endings and this did not deliver a happy ending. i just wanted more. still worth a read but not worth the purchase.

anyone else think this chick looks like bella swan?
delerium series by lauren oliver - this i got off my friend's goodread's account and i really liked them. it's a story about lena, a young girl living in portland, maine. it's an alternate world in which people have had a surgery to take away their ability to love. people who rebel against the surgery are kicked out of the society and live in the wilds. lena ends up getting the 'sickness' and falls in love with a boy named alex. great story that has a somewhat happy ending. i just wish she had divulged more into the ending and wrapped things up better with lena's other love interest.

entertainment weekly magazine - i first got this subscription free through my dad's coke rewards but i've since bought it [$10/year? well spent] and love getting my weekly magazines. seriously so good. i look forward to reading about upcoming movies and tv projects.

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Caitlin said...

I agree about how disappointing then ending of the Divergent series was. I mean, come on!! And I loved the Delirium series so much. Good reads. I can't wait til this summer when I can read books again.

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