Tuesday, March 25, 2014

life lately: mom, i have a secret. it's poop.

life lately has been quite fantastic with two children- it's an adjustment but a wonderful adventure. but holy goodness i am tired. thank heavens this kid is so adorable - and i know to most people the first two pictures look exactly the same but to me it's like 'hey mom! you are hilarious!' then 'uh oh mom, i have a secret. and it is poop'. he just melts my heart and i can't get enough of him- i mean, look at those lips.
life has been cleaning out closets and finding some adorable pictures of my past- including this one. look how happy i am! after years and years of chasing, we finally got together and have been making out for a whole week now. look how handsome justin is- i just loved those locks but they wouldn't be the same now. lately, i've had quite the imaginative kid. here he is fixing his car. he regularly will pretend to be a fireman or build a car with pillows or whatnot. i love it! life has been delicious with blue bell finally coming to las vegas and i must say, the hype is real people. their ice cream just has a lot of 'stuff' which is best part of ice cream. and it's been relearning how to run and get back in shape because of said ice cream.
 lately, we've had a lot of fun at home because getting out of the house with two kids is near impossible these days. it's been taking a walk to michael's and landon using the dollar his aunt shannon sent him for some ridiculously overpriced fruit snacks. it's been lego time and finally framing justin's degree. now we just have to buy a house to have the space to put it up.
lately, porter has gotten on the schedule of waking up right at 6am then falling back asleep at 7am. landon's new schedule is to wake up at 4/5am, sleeping in bed with us until 7am. luck me - but he is adorable. it's been buttermilk that never expires and a little boy that is just so happy to see me. a huge change from what landon was like. speaking of landon, someone bit his brother. in his defense, it wasn't done maliciously. he was talking to brother and 'wrapped' his arm up in the blanket then bit the blanket, which he does all the time [and we've since had to stop]. poor brother's finger just got in the way. landon cried more then porter.
 life has been tummy train time - landon is obsessed with tummy time, like it's such a ridiculous concept that brother doesn't know how to hold his head up and we have to practice that. landon has been happily helping daddy build me a garden or in his words, 'mom, i built you a beautiful garden!'. now i just have to learn how to grow things. porter finds the concept of me keeping plants alive hilarious.
 landon got a sinus infection- a nasty cold which lasted several days then grew into a really high fever [104 high] so i had to constantly suck his boogers out. well this is him hiding from the booger sucker. and he'll often 'hide' it from me by putting it in his sock drawer and telling me that's where he hid it. lately, landon has been quite the pill and throwing fits after fits. this is one way he's decided he can show me he is the boss- by pulling off his diaper and sleeping this way. thankfully he didn't pee everywhere. another way is by staying up well after bed time, crying through the door and then falling asleep by the door. i didn't realize this until after i hit him in the head with the door. and life has been finding this gem at the library- where was this when i was single?
 lastly, life has been a little boy who was 'spraying' his little brother with his fire hose water. oh how i can't wait until he actually does spray his brother with water. it's also been landon desperately trying to lay down with his brother. he tried to squeeze into this arch thing, all while squishing his brother. at least he loves him right? and life has been photogenic. one afternoon we had to go to the country offices to be there as one of justin's assemblymen filed to run and we were in the picture. how great do we look? oh and the girl holding landon is one of justin's interns from carson that now works for him. look at my lovely family - i just love them.

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Caitlin said...

You have some adorable boys. And that old picture of you and Justin? You look beautiful. You can really tell how much you love him. Good job on the running. Keep it up!

Caitlin said...
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