Friday, March 28, 2014

baby update: 2 months & i'm already failing

monthage: 2 1/2 months [in case you were looking for his one month update, it is not here. as i forgot to do it. and would have forgotten to write this one if it wasn't for my friend's adorable one on her 7 month old. poor second child]

poundage: 12lbs 4oz- my little chunker

the high: this kid is just fantastic- love him so much. his whole existence is pretty much my high. he sleeps and he smiles and he coos and he just is so wonderful. granted, he is not without his faults but when you have a baby like landon, you enjoy everything that isn't him. i love his sweet smile which he freely gives after he eats. then he'll coo and talk to me. it's the cutest. and i'm pretty sure he is one step away from laughing.

the low: if i had to complain about anything, it would be that he likes to be held- a lot. what baby doesn't? i want to start sleep training him [aka letting him fuss and cry] and so far [one day in] it's been horrible. his little cry is so pathetic next to landon's horrific roar i just laugh and love on him. when he got his 2 month shots, he got a fever and that was pretty horrible but again, he just slept. his brother also hit his second twice in less then 24 hours- he closed the door on his head [i was holding him] and then kicked him in the head the next. poor guy get's it rough.

how he's sleeping: he really is fantastic. he doesn't sleep very long but i can see him starting to lengthen his sleep durations. he's gotten to 6 hours one time i was awake for most of those hours but still, i'll take it. he typically wakes up 2-4x a night and i typically fall asleep in the chair holding him, which doesn't help with his sleep training issues. but i can't help it, i am a tired mama. i feel like he sleeps a lot but i really wouldn't know what normal is like.

what he loves: his mama! i know that my boys will only prefer me for a short amount of time so i am going to relish these precious moments. he is also a paci lover but not as much as landon. i feel like he has a weak suck, especially when nursing. it's not his fault, i have basically nothing to latch onto but we find a way. he loves being swaddled and held. and he loves watching me- that's when i get the biggest and best smiles out of him! he also loves his bath, he loves being changed and he loves me. and surprisingly he likes tummy time!

what he hates: not being held or being alone. when his brother is clawing all over him.

how mary moo-cow is doing: i really love nursing and i'm so glad i can do it, but at the same time, i wish i could pass him off with a bottle. esp since i am dying for a date night. it would also be nice when we go out in public- i am not a pro nurser and i feel like i am falling out all over the place. i know i've just got to be baptized by fire so i keep trying. and i am exhausted but since porter is such a good sleeper, i can usually [knock on wood] get them asleep roughly around the same time so i can lay down for a bit.

how he is pooping: he isn't. it's been a solid 10 days since he last went, which i know is normal for breastfed babies. if he hasn't pooped in a few more days i'll give him some cran-apple juice.

what we're working on: learning to hold his head up. learning to love his bumbo, because he currently does not like it at all.

what we're looking forward to: poop [man i am a mother]. for holly & charlotte to come visit. for easter & our family to come into town. learning how to roll--well, i'm not really looking forward to that because then i'll have to be more careful about where i leave him.
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Caitlin said...

Happy 2 and a half months Porter!! That is great that he is getting better at sleeping. 6 hours. That is a good long stretch. Maddi likes to be held a lot too. She is getting better at eing put down, but she is a cuddler. Hence why they are betrothed. They can hold each other one day. <

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