Monday, March 17, 2014

favorite things: spring in vegas - blink and you miss it

spring in vegas is nothing but short lived. i really wish it lasted more then two weeks but really, i'll take what we can get. some times during the day i'll walk into a room and just think 'wow i am so blessed. i love my house, i love our backyard, i love living near my mom and i love our weather [except those 115+ degree days]'. so without further ado, here are some things i am loving on lately.

my jamberry nails- my friend holly started selling these and i hate those parties that make you feel pressured to buy but i really love these nail wraps and i don't feel like they are more expensive. they are $15 a sheet and i get 2-4 applications out of them, they last 2 weeks and look gorgeous for those full two weeks as opposed to crappy nail polish chipping off. plus somehow they have helped my nails to grow a bit longer then normal.

my green green grass - i have not seen another grass in vegas as green as a. i don't know why but it's just been so beautiful all winter! even my sister shannon noticed. we didn't even water it! i'm also in love with my backyard as i mentioned above. justin has almost finished our shed, which will clean up some space in the garage. he filled and planted vegetables in my garden box, which will force me to learn about gardening in vegas. i love our patio and the warm sunshine. it is divine.

bluebell ice cream! i am not an ice cream fan- i much prefer chocolate or cake or chips but this stuff is pretty legit. i've had some family and friends live in texas and they would rave about it but i was skeptical because i really don't like ice cream. this stuff has massive amounts of toppings in it and that's really what gets me. i've only had pralines & cream - can't wait to try cookies & cream.

running - i am so excited to start getting back in shape but it's definitely harder with two kids and with breastfeeding. luckily i have my mom here to watch the kids while i run [i only like to do it in the mornings and i'm not about to lose one of my four hours of sleep to go while justin is home]. come summer, porter will be 3 months old and i will be able to go to the ymca again. i just loved their classes [bodypump, yoga, & spin in particular]. but running has been nice. well, i don't like running but i like how i feel afterwards.

peanut butter eggs/heart - i've always appreciated the peanut butter/chocolate combination but i don't know, porter has hit a switch and i cannot get enough. like hoarding a bag in the closet, don't tell justin so i don't have to share, gorge myself obsessed. which is why i need to exercise.

eos chapstick- these little balls of wax are more expensive then chapstick but are so cute and nice. my mom bought a bundle at costco and i stole one. love it! i think i'll bring these as my next favorite thing for our party in july.

this kid - i was going to say 'these kids' and include landon but let's be honest, he has been quite the turd. with being sick + terrible twos + not sleeping through the night anymore, he has fallen slightly behind on my favorite barometer. porter is so sweet and snuggly and smiles at me. melts my heart.

ergo carrier - i never registered for a baby carrier with landon but my MIL bought me an infantino one that i ended up using quite a bit for walks when landon was too little for the stroller. i'd been using it for porter as well until my friend suggested i try out her ergo. magical how back pain can disappear! it sure is an investment but well worth it. i'm glad i didn't get it with landon though; that kid only wanted to be facing outwards. i've got to train porter now to be a little more complacent.
please, don't be intimidated by my sexiness - this is post-walk
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Caitlin said...

I love the ergo carrier!! I have one too and it is fantastic. Just wait til he is big enough to go on your back. It is amazing.

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