Wednesday, March 12, 2014

life lately: battastic

life lately has been tummy time for a little porter- and let me tell you, he loves it. well, i don't know if he loves it but he doesn't scream and will lay there for a while. he's such a trooper! i feel so lucky to have such a good baby. it's been a grumpy sour-puss boy who does NOT like to take pictures and is extremely offended i wanted to take one of him. where does he get that from? life has been one big brother who can't get enough of the little one, and the little one who has had his fill of the bigger one.
 lately, we've had dinners with the irelands & the kids having so much fun decorating meghan, our butts, cars, and everything they can touch with stickers. thanks for those aunt shannon. it's been experiencing porter's first real smile and finally seeing his dimples! you can see one really good in this picture, which is the tail end of a smile so you can see half of it. i just can't get enough of it! landon NEVER smiled. i am not exaggerating- i would say until 6 months. he was not a happy kid. life lately has been fabulous with my new jamberry wraps & a fancy pedicure.
 life has been looking for ways to entertain my toddler so i can clean- enter tongs & pompom stuffing. it's been decking my little porter in a rebel hat for our walk [not really, but how handsome is he?]. life lately has been an aunt who so sweetly made porter this sock money blanket. it's also been a whole lot of puzzles for my smart toddler.
 life has been receiving unexpected cookies from the girl i visit teach. she is seriously so sweet and these were so good. it's been a handsome fella who really worked this vest onsie i made for landon [10 minutes after this picture he spit up all over it so he sadly couldn't wear it to church]. lately, we received a wonderful valentine's package from charlotte. we sure miss her- april can't come soon enough!
 lastly, life has been a trip to costco with my mom & boys- landon specifically asked to go to THIS costco.... as if we go to others. it's been a matching/puzzle game i found on pinterest [find everyday objects, trace them and let your toddler match them up]. life has been battastic- landon's new jammies have capes on them. does life get any sweeter then that? or any sweeter then my baby boy? i am so blessed.

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KinderTeach said...

You and Landon are welcome for the stickers. I'll be sure to send more soon

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