Friday, February 14, 2014

random pictures of my children

remember when i had funny and witty things to blog about? ahh.... the good ol' days. now all i have to share are pictures of the creatures i made. but at least they are adorable. i will try to narrate these pictures but really, what's the use? my friend called me last week saying we needed to catch up so she could hear the gossip since she moved away and i had to sadly confess i know nothing. i've been hermitted up for 3 weeks i lack anything interesting to say. so here we are. with the pictures of my children. enjoy.
 landon is always asking me if he can hold baby brother - really, this kid cannot get enough of porter. which is adorable and annoying. this time he told me i needed to take a picture of him holding porter- vain much?? he is my kid. porter also received his first bath a few weeks back and justin documented the event. landon was very interested why his brother was screaming and i was washing him at the sink. i didn't get peed on this time but i did the next. and here porter is crossed eyed and adorable.
 here's another kodak moment [future generations will not know what kodak is- so sad]. landon wanted to sit with brother in his rocking chair aka my bed for the past 3 weeks. since it can recline with a button, it has been my home while my stomach muscles gain some strength back. sure beats sleeping sitting straight up like i did last time with landon- granted, i didn't sleep at all. every morning we read scriptures and books together and porter has joined in the fun. landon doesn't really want to read anymore- he is more interested in what toys he can throw at porter and putting blankets on him. i guess he is extremely concerned that i don't keep him warm enough. justin's also been hard at work around our house. he tore out our front bush the other day and landon was so excited to help him dig rocks- it's adorable to see my men working together. justin's also working on building us a shed on the side of our house and landon is always eager to help- but he doesn't want his identity known so he went incognito as superman.
 since i am desperately trying to lose the many-many-many pounds i gained with porter, we've gone on a few walks together as a family. we do a loop that's a bit less then a mile so landon gets tired easily. he has recently learned that daddy horsey rides are the way to go so he begs to ride on justin's shoulders the whole time- always stopping us at stop signs so he can touch them. since we've spent a lot of time at home, landon's also started to enjoy dressing up more- typically as batman with a top hat but every once in a while, superman. it just melts my heart- this is why having boys is awesome. and porter sleeps away while we have fun. he looks so much like justin in that picture, don't you think?
a few weeks ago we had a family home evening lesson about love at home and what it means to love each other. for the activity we made homes out of popsicle sticks and colored them. despite what landon's face looks like, he really enjoyed making the houses. he's gotten to that fun point where doing toddlers crafts is actually fun- i credit his school for that. it's really helped up my game as a parent. we've also had several early morning snuggles with porter in mommy's bed and once again, landon smothers porter. and lastly, we've also spent a ridiculous amount of time playing with landon's train set on the kitchen table. like, an insane amount of time. i am so grateful for these trains because it keeps him occupied and gives me some time to get things done. and by things, i mean facebook stalk. keep it real america.
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Caitlin said...

You have the cutest boys every. You seem to be doing so good. I seriously didn't get back on any sort of schedule til Maddi was at least 3 months or so. You seriously are a super mom.

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