Sunday, February 23, 2014

life lately: smiles & pirate booty

life lately has been a week of birthdays for the harrisons- first aunt lynsey which means skyping with toquer aka landon's favorite skyper and then grandpa dave's- complete with mr. chicken & apple nachos. it's been spending time outdoors in vegas' springtime weather [aka 2 weeks in february and 2 weeks in march. i've already started contemplating turning my a/c on] and landon loving helping his dad clean up our yard. it's been a belly full of stickers. he told me he had done it while i was nursing porter and i didn't believe him bc i didn't think he knew how to take stickers off. and yet he did. it's also been an adorable little baby boy who looks like he's spitting up a white line.
 life has been a visit from our favorite friends, abby & madalyn tappana! landon was so excited to see abby but he was gone when she first arrived so he got very shy and wasn't his loud, boisterous self for her [thank goodness]. the funnest afternoon in a while! it's also been a trip to target with TWO BOYS [my first store outing by myself with both of them] and buying landon some 3+ puzzles that he conquered 12x in less then an hour. seriously my little boy is a genius [said all mothers across the world].
 lately our life has been a lot of time with grandma shell, including reading some library books. it's also been a half-milk smile and a beautiful little boy who i just can't get enough of. really, porter is just the sweetest little angel. night and day from landon!
 life has been lived in a night gown [my uncle olaf wore night gowns and he lived to be 107 years old. plus they're sexy]. it's been more homework time with landon, including stringing fruit loops on pipe cleaners & a fun opposite puzzle game from the target dollar section [really, the greatest spot for learning toys! i've gotten so much there lately!]. landon calls it his doggy puzzle and he can pretty much answer most of the opposites listed. like what's the opposite of tall, short, awake, outside, full, etc. genius i tell you! it's also been finding some buried treasure in our mail box [actually a thank you from a pirate themed baby shower] that landon has loved immensely. and looking as cool as sin with his summer shades on. bring on the pool people!

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KinderTeach said...

Did uncle Olaf tell you about wearing those bad boys and and standing over a heating vent? Do you fly in your dreams too?

Caitlin said...

Maddi is so huge compared to Porter. I can't even believe it!! haha. Wish our kids could play more often.

Also, that picture of Porter right under the picture of your mom reading to landon is an adorable picture. He is so handsome!!

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