Monday, February 10, 2014

baby update: three weeks & a some change

he is not amused with
his hand me down clothes
weekage: three weeks & 4 days

poundage: 9lbs 6oz- born at 8-2 and dropped down to 7-1. so to gain that must in such a little time? that's my porterhouse! he loves to eat!

what porter does: sleep-eat-poop. i'm really trying hard to follow the baby wise method of sleep-eat-play and it has been working somewhat so far except porter sleeps more then he plays. there are worse things right? he still eats every 2 hours so after 30 min of nursing [and trying to keep him awake and get his tummy full], 10 min of helping him fall back asleep, 20 min of trying to get myself asleep- there's not much time for fulfilling my sleep needs. i am so desperately tired but i know it's not always going to be this way. but when i am so tired and landon is so whiny and not sleeping, my patience wears thin. and i come incredibly close to losing it. so i take a walk, cry it out while listening to my music and try to let the vitamin d sink in. and i eat a lot of chocolate- which is why i'm doing the fitness challenge on facebook. he really is such a sweet kid, i love him so much. i really didn't understand how i could love someone as much as i love landon but i do! justin already likes to affectionately call him 'the good one' which is accurate for now but not always.
this one was new! but on clearance so
i only really loved him $3 worth

what we're working on: sleep training for sure. eating full meals. staying awake during the day. not being too dependent on his binkie. snuggling mommy. learning to hold his head up. not pooping so much- really, he POOPS so much. landon never pooped that much. granted, i starved him [accidentally] so maybe that's why but still, dude is a pooping machine.

how landon is taking it: he just loves porter so much- so so much. he is constantly all over him; kissing, hugging, licking, touching, poking, putting blankets on him. it's super cute and super annoying but i'd rather he love him then hate him. he does have his meltdowns every once in a
while- he doesn't like taking turns and waiting until i'm done nursing. but for the most part, he's great. i mean, he has his own issues that are not helped by having a baby around [getting him to fall asleep and potty training for example] but i can tell he's so happy to have a brother.

how i'm doing: ehh... i'm feeling quite tubby [why oh why i
big bro cannot take a hint -
porter is not interested in playing with him
s it so easy to put weight on but so hard to take it off?] and hungry [for bad foods]. i also feel the baby blues creeping up on me [for my body issues but more for the seclusion that comes with having a baby during the flu season] more so then they did with landon. i've tried to get out with walks, make sure i leave my windows open to let in that vitamin d, and i've started my fb fitness challenge. but still, it's been an adjustment. i took porter on his first outing [that wasn't a dr's visit or trip to my mom's] and man it was not easy getting out of the house, getting in the car, getting into the store and keeping everybody together. i wish i could say we went somewhere exciting but no, we went to mcdonald's with my sister. i just really want to get skinny again and start going out but i love eating junk food and i hate wearing bras & pants that aren't elastic.

what we're looking forward to: sleeping through the night or at least in stretches longer then 2 hours, learning to hold his head up, smiles and his baby blessing in march.
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Kari said...

You are bringing back so many memories for me and the adjustment to two. I think you're doing wonderful. And right now just take it slow. Everything will get easier and easier, especially the outings. And right now you're simply beautiful :) Remember what your worth is as a creator and raiser of two little beings when you're feeling down on yourself. There will be a time and place in the future to get in the best shape of your life. But for now your energy is basically spent on bigger, better things.

I know it's easier said than done to think that way. But I try to tell myself those things when I'm feeling down due to circumstances beyond my control....or when my energy for that control is spent on other more important things (like babies and lack of sleep).

Those two boys are gorgeous and with everything you're doing to feel good I'm impressed!

Caitlin said...

Oh my goodness. Porter is one handsome little baby. I sure am glad he is gaining weight and that nursing is working for you, even though it does mean you get an hour of sleep at a time. Oh silly babies. Keeping us up all hours of the night.

And I know how you feel about not feeling super great about body image. But look at what your body created! Two of the most handsome boys in the world. My two future sons in law. ;) Believe me, I know its hard to think that way, but what an amazing gift we have with our bodies. I love the fb challenges too. I am glad we can do them together, even in our LDR. <

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