Wednesday, September 25, 2013

turn off the boob tube & read: white cat

my friend holly is moving this weekend and i am beyond bummed. landon, poor landon, is really going to miss charlotte. he really loves her- bunches and bunches. charlotte likes me a lot.... landon she tolerates. anyways she suggested this book, white cat by holly black [author of the spiderwick chronicles] and i was not disappointed.

it was a quick read for me; i didn't love it but it was a good read. it's definitely different then other books in the paranormal genre so i liked that aspect. it throws you right in to this world of curse workers- people who are born with abilities to give good or bad curses like give someone luck, cause death, change memory, etc. they are commonly known in the modern world and everyone walks around with gloves on to protect themselves. it centers around a boy born into a crime family of curse workers yet doesn't have an ability himself. he's at a type of boarding school while his mother is in prison and is haunted by his past [he killed his bf/love-interest] and present [a white cat]. not scary at all but a good thriller. i've already requested the second novel to read in between my book club book [this month: interview with a vampire].
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