Wednesday, June 5, 2013

coming home

you know in movies where the main character [that's me people, this is my party] comes home after being away/kidnapped/camping and they rush in twirling, kissing their shoes and rubbing their face on coats? that was me a week ago. pure joy! i videoed landon coming back home but his reaction was pretty lame [he still quite doesn't know how to give the people what they want]. he had taken a mini-nap so was a bit disoriented. he just followed me around, confused until i showed him his room and his long lost toys. then he was in hog heaven.

seriously though, it has been so nice - great to be home with friends, with family, with my THINGS. i know of some people who are extremely transient due to school, work or their own choice and i just don't get it. i mean, how do your kids deal with it? do you buy new stuff everywhere you go? don't you miss your nice things and hate that salvation army crap? because i sure do! i am not made to be nomadic. i'm meant to live a life of luxury people, that's just me. and landon, because don't think he's some sort of traveller either. he's been constantly playing with his trains since we got home.

i love having my things back and being in the comfort of my own home. since we got back, we've put things away and played with friends. gone to my mom's house about every day to see the chickens. i've eaten at my favorite places [except heidi's, but that's next week]. it's been fabulous. but i'm still lonely. justin still has about 10 days until he comes home and i cannot wait. i miss my husband! i miss going out on dates [6 months people!] alone. it has been a rough session and he's exhausted so it'll be nice to have things slower for a while.
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Caitlin said...

So glad you are finally home!! Yay! And I hope these next 10 days without Justin goes fast. I don't know how you do it. Make sure you go on the biggest longest date when he gets home!

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