Wednesday, May 1, 2013

weightloss wednesdays: ask the audience

this post is a bit discombobulated but that's just how i'm feeling about this weekly segment lately. i want to keep the posts up but i've hit a roadblock on what to talk about. i don't want to post specific exercises to do because i feel like if you want to do that, you'll find great posts somewhere else [and i don't have that much time to dedicate to a blog a few of my friends read].  you all know i'm not a huge fan of nutrition so i'd feel like a hypocrite who doesn't take her own advice. i kept thinking about what the people who actually read this blog want. and i think it's motivation and recognition. we all need help to keep active, someone to remind us to exercise that day or someone we can share our successes with. now anyone who knows me can attest to the fb creep i am so i thought, why not start a group on fb where we can do our workout shout outs without feeling trite? where we could post articles that interest us or suggest healthy recipes we love. what do you think? nothing makes me feel better then to post some success i've had then have other people acknowledge that. like this post i did last week. it made me feel bombtastic and want to work harder. i think that's what we all need more then another post about working out every time barney says legendary.

i think i'm gonna cool it on the workout segments until i get back home. i want to dig through some of my old school notebooks and pass on that expensive knowledge onto you. until then, request away. or join my fb group and invite your friends who need motivation. then we'll all get skinny together!

if you want to join my fb group let me know and i'll invite you - but i only want people in there who will actually comment and motivate others, by commenting on their posts or post articles and such. feel free to invite other friends who need motivate to move!
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Caitlin said...

I love this idea...even though compared to most of you my work outs will seem so lame. But, it will get me to keep going@

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