Friday, May 3, 2013

landon's quiet book & ispy bag

i know you have all been on pins & needles waiting to see landon's quiet book i made when i was in vegas. i am no sewer but i have made a quilt in my time. i am more of a get it done gal then take my time, so the lines weren't straight and things didn't always line up but i didn't want to invest too much time or money into this project. the felt was super cheap. i spent maybe $50 but only because i bought a glomlet plyer which cost $30. i bought the vinyl covering for about $4 on clearance scrap pile and the clear vinyl for the ispy bag for 50 cents in the same section. i would guess it probably took me less then 10 hours to complete and i'm happy with the results. if i did it again i would use sew-on velcro and not stick on [it keeps falling off]. i love my glomlets because it makes the pages turn nicely and i can add more later if i want. i would make less counting beads because they droop down past the cover. but i'm really happy with the results and landon loves it. so success!
doesn't the cover look like scriptures? perfect for church. page 1 - velcro ducks & fish {i first tried this with stick on magnents but those stuck worse then the velcro} 2- velrco apples and basket 3- counting beads
4- pocket for his finger puppets 5- button flowers 6 &7- car tracks. i saw some books with a car attached but he's never without a car and i didn't want to make it too thick
8- mr potato head 9- mirror and zipper enclosure for potato head parts 10- match the color shapes
ispy bag - i covered the key on the back with vinyl and added pictures in case they can't read yet

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Caitlin said...

This is so great! Such a boss mom you are.

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