Monday, April 29, 2013

there's no place like home - part ii

the second half of our trip home flew by so quickly! i was able to do a session with meghan & holly on wednesday which so much fun! i made a goal to go once a month this year [i know, seems like nothing. but it's been so hard up here!] and justin hasn't been able to go with me with his schedule so it was nice not to go alone. thursday my mom and i had some shopping/girl time together [and by shopping, i mean buying new underwear. so nothing fancy] then i had a dentist apt. friday was book club! i was so excited because i haven't been able to go to them being up north. turns out i was the only one who read the book ['the other queen' - a skip] so it was more of a girl get together. landon spent the night at mema's and i was able to get my gab on til the early morning hours [not really. but 10pm is pretty late for me!]. 
riding any and everything with wheels - even decorative bikes and 2" little people motorcycles
saturday my mom and i drove 2 hours to kingman arizona to meet my arizona family [my sister & her two boys and my two aunts]. my aunts had never met landon and i hadn't seen my sisters for such a long time. landon only slept for 20 minutes of his 2 hour nap but surprisingly he was nice and fun while we were there. we played at the park, then had some delicious mexican food then played some more. my mom's 60th birthday was coming up so we celebrated and laughed and had a good time. those hurst girls really know how to party. on the way home i was SURE landon would nap - he slept 20 more min. so he was not fun on the drive home. thankfully i was 86-ing him with my mom for another girls night to go see 'the host' [kinda disappointing. the book is one of my top 5]. he was nice for her once we got home thankfully. 

isn't the fan and sign adorable? i bought these at rod works while home. can't wait to decorate my own house again!
these pictures with my sister really explain our relationship well
 landon's favorite aunt anna gave him a whole bag full of choo-choo's so he was smitten with his new toys! the last two days of our vacation were really uneventful. we went to church with my mom and had dinner with justin's mom. monday i had an eye apt and landon got to ride the ladybug train in the mall [which he LOVED]. our flight home got delayed but landon was surprisingly fun and nice waiting at the airport. but he turned evil and loud while on the plane. i was so happy to finally see justin waiting for us at the airport and wasn't even mad when the airline lost our stroller [it has since been returned]. it was so nice to be away and have yummy food but my body is paying for the lack of exercise now. less then 50 days til i'm back home!
my mom was coloring some pages for the nursery kids and landon was helping. my mom didn't want his help and he thought that was hilarious so he helped some more!

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Caitlin said...

Glad you were able to spend some time home! Yaya!

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