Wednesday, April 17, 2013

weightloss wednesdays: small victories & finding success

my update: i just passed a weight that has been haunting me for a while. it's a number divisible by ten so that's most likel
y why it's so daunting but i'm finally under it. making my weight loss about 10lbs since coming to carson. i've settled into a routine now of going to 2 gym classes a week [interval spin classes that kick my trash] followed by at least 30 minutes of cardio. the other 2 days i do 60 minutes of cardio with a leg and arm day of resistance training with abs on both days. when i do cardio, i typically run at least 2.25 miles. on my class days i usually walk at an incline.

let's all take a minute to give me a keyboard high five [5!]. most of my success though i've found by seeing my body change. i always hated it when people talked about that. it seems so hokey pokey and like a cop out. and when you're trying to lose weight, it really feels like a cop out. 'why can't i lose weight? i don't care about definition! take away that flab!' i feel ya people.

but still - there is merit to finding small victories on the road to weight loss. it's important to find these positives because it's easy to get discouraged when you're working so hard and the scale doesn't change. you've all seen these kind of pictures before. muscle weights more then fat. i've seen other people's pictures who weigh roughly what i weigh and i carry my weight so differently. because i have a large chest and because i have muscle. weight really is just a number.

 - welcome to the gun show! *funny story- the other day at church, justin was pinching my arm flab so i showed him my guns. this silly old guy next to us whispered, quite loudly during the lesson, 'you should do more reps' hahha* look at your body and how it's definition has changed. i can see how running has changed my calves, my thighs [especially when i sit with my feet under my bum], and my arms from interval training. and it's pretty cool to poke myself and be proud of that.

- look at how your clothes fit you differently. is the waistband on your jeans looser? does the shirt no longer pinch your arm fat? do you just feel more confident in skinny jeans? because you should! i feel different in my clothes when there's hard muscle underneath and i feel sore from a good workout.

- what can you do now that you couldn't do before? for me it's breathe easily while i run. i know some other things could include being able to touch your toes or put on your shoes without losing your breathe. maybe you can climb stairs without getting winded or you can do more sit-ups. that's pretty awesome! because we are trying to get healthy to live our lives! there's no point in working out but never enjoying your life.

- how long has it been since you had soda? did you give up sugar for a week? that's pretty bombtastic! this is one i'm still working on. rewarding yourself without food is hard for me and is something i'm still working on. be proud that you have such good willpower! i'm living proof that not everyone can do it.

- toot your horn! now i am not suggesting you check in at your gym on fb.... although i am guilty of that sin. but don't be afraid to tell people 'when i was running the other day' or 'my arms are so tired from benching 150lbs today' or whatnot. tell people you are working and working hard. don't be ashamed- one pound is 3500 kcals! don't just say you've only lost so much or only  worked out twice last week. that's two times more then a lot of people.

find some positives in your journey to get fit and i promise it'll help you keep your chin up!

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Caitlin said...

I love these. You are always so motivating to me! thanks again pookles.

Kari said...

Congrats on your success! Seeing the results is the best part because it takes so much work and seems like nothing changes for so long...and then suddenly it's like BOOM you're fantastic.

Keep up the good work! 5!

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