Monday, April 15, 2013

life lately: lonely harrisons, party of two

life lately has been making my mom's famous filipino chicken and it tasting horribly acidic. i wish my mom could cook for me every night - sigh... the good ol' days. it's been nike+ getting my time horribly wrong but still feeling boss enough to take a pic of it and pretending i'm fast as lightening.
 it's been landon clinging to the broom because he wanted to push it around and hit things, especially our tv. it's been my sweet little boy sitting down next to me on the floor to read his scriptures [as i read my scriptures]. so thankfully he picked this up, along with the habit i have of putting my phone in my bra. it's been landons' first trip to mcdoanlds for ice cream and the playground, but someone being afraid of it because it's mostly composed of tubes.
 life has been sitting on our toy basket and reading his elmo book like a boss. it's been eating a special st patrick's day meal but not really digging it, even if it included bunny water and some sprinkles. so he transferred to my chair. it's been wearing green to avoid pinching but he sure got a lot of kisses.
 life has been insisting on wearing his shoes around the house, even though we were definitely not going anywhere. it's been learning how to use sidewalk chalk and getting it all over his cute little tushy. it's being fabulous in mom's heels [he likes his shoes].
 life has been sneaking broccoli out of the fridge and thinking he's stolen something quite valuable. it's been playing at the museum and loading his basket full of crackers and cereal [if only they had oreos too, he'd be in heaven]. life has finally being able to lay down in the bath water and enjoying bathing like it was meant to be. it's been having his first bite of cream of tuna and becoming a believer.
life has been a lot of lonely meals, including this sad caloric filled one with nutella crepes, bacon and grapes. it's been a happy little boy so proud of his quack-quack [which is really a chirp-chirp] he made in nursery. it's been some delicious chocolate chip cookies found on pinterest and a lot of early mornings snuggling while watching cars.
 life has been looking fabulous in $10 blue skinnies. it's been climbing onto mommy as she blogstalks in the morning and just wanting to be near her. it's been pulling the pizza box out of the fridge and licking every piece [then mommy letting justin eat it later without any comments].
life has been easter baskets from mema and bike rides at his friend's birthday party. it's been begging mommy to call papa [aka grandma], just so she can dangle a bag full of m&ms in the camera while he begs for them [soooo cruel]. it's been stopping at a friends house for a minuet and immediately jumping on the first bike in sight. such a man.

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Caitlin said...

I love how he reads his scriptures next to you while you read yours, and I also love how he reads in the bathtub just like his mommy. What a sweet little boy!

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