Friday, April 12, 2013

rational fears from a tv show

if i was a better planner, i would have written this on 12/21/12, the day the world should have ended. have you heard about the tv show revolution? it's amazeballs. and not in the shabanging way big bang or scandal is, but in a completely 'ohmygoshthiscouldsohappen' way. i am alan's daughter but i am no big-brother/doomsday gal. i have no fears about a zombie apocalypse or about the second coming, but this show revolution completely freaks me out.

*for those of you who are either too cool to watch it or don't have the time [but who really doesn't have time for more tv?], revolution is set in a not-too-distant future. basically 15 years before the show started, the power [and cars and phones and basically everything we love] turned off. nothing worked and no one knows why. so the world broke down, the USA was demolished and people live in a society where the monroe militia runs the land [or other local territorial armies]. cool idea*
my sweet little catcher

now i don't understand why this particular show affects me so, but i literally think about this show at least once a week. and it's only had like 10 episodes so that's saying a lot. i'll just be driving around doing errands and think 'oh my gosh, if this were 'revolution', i would have no way of walking back to vegas to see my family. that would take me MONTHS- in the HEAT - with LANDON'. or i'll be in bed alone [which happens a lot with justin gone] and hear a scary noise and think 'if this were 'revolution', i would have no way to defend myself. i don't have a gun and the police couldn't come save me and i would die'. i have no idea why these thoughts come to my mind as often as they do but i'm seriously freaked out by it. i was not meant to be a pioneer or cave woman. i like my flushing toilet, google and oven. i guess the rational way to overcome this fear is to be prepared with food storage and other emergency supplies, but really, who has time for that when there's quality television on, am i right?

i think it's landon - the reason why i live in more fear now then i did before. now i'm afraid of new places/people/countries. i'm afraid of landon being 'taken' or my best friend being held captive like 'brokendown palace'. something about being a mom makes you so scared. proboley because you don't have yourself to worry about, but a tiny human being who is dependent upon you for everything. all the time. for at least 10 years, then they start getting more independent. that's a huge responsibility. they should teach that in sex ed and see how many kids they can scare into abstinence. or at least some safe sex. being a parent is no easy business.

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