Wednesday, April 3, 2013

weightloss wednesday: sneaking in exercise

who has time to workout? other then those of us with no lives, no friends and no obligations. back in vegas i felt like i struggled to fit in 30 minutes a day [which is suggested just to keep your heart healthy; 60 for weight loss!], especially with landon grabbing at my legs constantly. here are some ways i've found to sneak in exercise and get those cheetos calories burned.

- go outside & play. walk your dog, play stop/go with your kids [landon doesn't really stop but he thinks it's hilarious when i run. as do most people], ring around the rosy [but actually fall on the ground], walk to the park or store or wherever you need to go.

don't always trust those apps. i did the same thing
for both of these days. one time nike+ said i only ran 1.77
miles, the other said 4.1 miles, with a 6 min mile.
i don't think so. i ran 2.5 miles at a 6mph [10 min]
pace and walked the rest of the 40 min. but mr.
nike+ really made me feel good about myself!
-wear a pedometer. it'll make you more aware of when you're moving and more importantly, how much you sit down. i wouldn't use my smartphone because it'll drain your battery and don't go too cheap or else it won't be accurate.

-be conscious when you're shopping. park far away, take the stairs instead of the elevator, and wear comfortable shoes [i find i don't do much when i have the cutest, uncomfortable shoes].

-get your groove thang on when you clean! put on dance cardio radio or pop and hip hop power workout on pandora. have FUN while you're sweeping or mopping and you'll find yourself moving and grooving and burning those kcals.

-break up your workout into pieces. write down what exercises/number of minutes you want to do cardio then cross it off when you lunge during commercials or do crunches while you're watching your kiddos bathe. make your problem manageable by making it smaller.

-play with your family. bust out the just dance on your wii, go play red rover [if you're family is big enough], go to the park and kick a ball around, play horsey and give the kids a ride on your back. like i've said before, kids like you MORE when you move. the best babysitters ALWAYS are the ones that are active.

-buy a balance ball and use it as a chair. at work, the table or just for playing with the kids [i promise, they'll love it]. after 15 minutes on that ball, you will no doubt believe it's a workout.

-spend some time with your friends. go on a run/walk together, go to a zumba class, play the kinect together, or play tennis. bonding + competitiveness = working on that fitness!

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1 comment:

Caitlin said...

Dwight: [bouncing on an exercise ball] You should get one of these.
Jim: No. Thank you.
Dwight: Do you even know what this is? It is a fitness orb and it has completely changed my life. Forget everything you thought you knew about ab workouts.
Jim: Done.
Dwight: This ab workout is specifically designed to strengthen your core. [knocks things around Jim's desk] Sorry.
Jim: S'ok.
Dwight: Numerous health benefits, strengthens your back, better performance in sports, more enjoyable sex.
Jim: You're not having sex.
Dwight: Plus, improves your reflexes [knocks over more stuff] see, I would have caught that.
Jim: Ok, you know what, uh, how much is that?
Dwight: It's only twenty-five bucks.
Jim: Wow. Um, ok. [pops Dwight's orb with scissors]

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