Friday, April 5, 2013

party for two at the train station

i've always had a soft spot for train stations. after having so much fun getting on platform 9 3/4, it was only a matter of time before little landon got the train bug in him. he loves cars of all shapes and sizes and just started really loving his two thomas trains. he pushes them all across the ground saying 'choo-choo'. i had wanted to visit the train museum ever since we first visited carson but justin does not possess quite the magical blood as i have. since justin left us for the weekend [again], we cleared our busy schedule [somewhere between 'lay on the ground mopping' and 'eat a whole bag of cheetos puffs by your sad lonesome'] and went.
he's very proud of his sucker i gave him to keep quiet while i read

the cool hand cart rides we couldn't go on. landon hanging with his pal jason

my one friend [i am now up to three, but she was my original friend] met me there. the fun part was on the outside [aka free]. there was a huge garage full of trains and a conductor there to take kids on handcart rides [not in the pioneer variety but the kind you push down on both sides like a seesaw]. this was his favorite part, just climbing up and down on the play train. once inside [a whopping $6] there was just horrible bulletins with lots of words and boring iron pieces. not cool carson.
how he decided to end his fun day - screaming at me and throwing a fit. you're welcome

landon had fun none the less. he kept pointing to things and saying 'choo-choo! choo-choo!' so adorable. he then followed up this fun outing by making me pound my head into a wall because he kept screaming [in his defense, he was mad i wouldn't share my slurpee. it's a hard lesson he has to learn now].
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Kari said...

I'm loving your pink polka-dot shirt!

Caitlin said...

You're really like the best mom ever.

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