Monday, April 8, 2013

easter: flashback to college

so much sexiness in one kitchen
i had some low expectations for easter this year. when i bought my ticket home i thought i was hitting easter. nope, i guess jesus' birthday is not always easter. easter in march? what is this world coming to? so since we were going to be by our lonesome we invited the missionaries over. well with the wonderful news about missionaries given last october, the missionaries in the reno nv mission have increased from about 100 to 250. our ward now has four sister missionaries and two spanish speaking missionaries that come to our ward. we were lucky enough to have the four missionaries come over for dinner, along with one of justin's work friends. before that we were lucky enough to have a young gentleman investigating the church come over for a discussion. before that we went to church. such a great day.
saturday before easter we went to the hs for an easter egg hunt. now, you all know i had a jaded childhood right? my mom would rather buy us a big bag of candy then take us trick or treating. easter was much in the same, except we would have a big easter egg hunt at our grandpa z's where he hid money in the eggs and my grandma would make jello eggs. last year landon was lameo and just sat there. this year he can move and hunt so i had some high hopes. there were several egg hunts in carson but this one had a specific toddler zone so i thought that was best. once there i saw they had other specific section for age groups and special needs. they started each section off one at a time, starting with the special needs. well the fantastic parents in the toddler zone thought they were above the rules and started running in before it was our turn. seriously, made me so pissed. it's for BABIES. and the candy was mints and jolly ranches, so not really the cream of the candy crop. i was soooo mad that people can get so grubby. i huddled a few eggs on the ground so landon could at least pick something up but it was mostly a fail. we tried in the big kid field but that was just as pointless. so we headed to the kid's museum and let him play there. he loved that much more - primarily because there were toys, less people, and empty eggs you traded for nila wafer cookies at the end. after his nap we had planned on visiting tahoe but the weather was not going to let that happen so we enjoyed a nice scenic walk on a trail full of dogs [i sadly forgot my camera. it was really picturesque. landon in his hiking backpack playing with justin's hair, having a gay ol' time]. that night we tried a nice local resturant in town justin's boss told him about. i normally love hole in the wall family places but it was nast. but the night ended with a slurpee so not too horrible.

sunday we woke up and enjoyed bacon & pancakes. church was fantastic and landon surprisingly behaved until the last few minutes of sacrament. after church i started cooking - and man did i cook. and clean. and cook some more. at 2pm we were able to have an investigator over which is always an amazing experience, especially for an easter sunday. the poor sisters tried tracting after that meeting but it was fruitless so they hung with me in the kitchen while i cooked a delicious meal of pot roast, mashed potatoes, broccoli, brussel sprouts, carrots, rolls, coca cola cake [oooohhh so wonderful. didn't taste like coke at all but very moist and delicious. justin hates cake and still liked it] and chocolate covered strawberries. it was so funny. i kept having flashbacks of my college days when we were all pitch in and make a large sunday breakfast. i would supervise [aka input my two thoughts in where it wasn't wanted] then clean [i'm looking at your stonifer]. it was so much fun. after dinner we sat around playing  catch phrase and laughing. they even told me i was like the cool moms they would hang out with back at home [granted, one of them is a tad older then me] and told me to facebook stalk them [which you know i did]. such a great night. such an enormous load of dishes.

and landon enjoyed lots of goodies & toys. lucky little boy. lucky us.
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Caitlin said...

Your Easter sounded fabulous...all except the greedy moms that let their toddlers go early. That would make me so mad!!

Also, you look fantastic!! You really do!

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