Monday, April 1, 2013

life lately: senor blanket head & his pals

life lately has been coloring in the bathtub then offended when mom had the gall to criticize his skills. it's been senor blanket head and his friend, mister sock hands.
life has been lots of hand washing without any actual sanitizing happening [ignore my robe - and yes it was 1 in the afternoon]. it's been driving the cars at home depot and wanting to go with daddy on his trips.
 it's been looking so adorable with his mema bear then playing coy when he woke up, bright eyed and bushy tailed. it's been monkeying around then stuffing anything and everything down his shirt.
 life has been piling on the hats because he's so proud of himself being able to say hats. it's been obsessing over clips and actually enjoying being in his car seat [as long as it's outside the car]. life has been playing out front in the warm springtime weather and trucking rocks around [and my neighbors wondering why we are so obsessed with rocks. we literally play with rocks all. the. time.]. it's been receiving a delicious meal from a family in our ward and being so thankful for kind people.
 life has been riding his big green tractor then hugging his bankie on the toilet. i know, so sanitary.
 it's been a sweet message from my mom. life has been landon kicking back and reading the thrilling book club book about mary queen of scots. it's been so cool dude flip-flops and the most adorable little toes you've ever seen.
 life has been a lot of park dates and playing in the dirt, especially making dirt angels. life lately has been stalking the dogs in the park then sucking on one of his play screws like a paci. and life has been wonderful as i got to go to the temple. i am so blessed.
 life has been riding a dinosaur that was definitely not barney. it's been forcing landon to play in his blow up pool. and these amazeball oreos for st patrick's day and wishing i could eat the whole batch myself....which i sorta did.

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1 comment:

Caitlin said...

Those oreo's look divine. I would have eaten the whole batch, no questions asked.

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