Saturday, March 30, 2013

toddler update: 18 months & legal!

monthage: 18 months [a year & a half]

poundage: according to the old ladies at the family history center, he is a solid piece of iron. according to the scale, he weighs 26 lbs

teethage: 12 with 4 poking their heads out. i think he'll be finished teething by age 2

what he eats [his favorite things]: broccoli [he is so my child], cereals [fav is oh's and bran flakes- what a freak], turkey lunch meat [esp the sample they give at the deli counter], applesauce [he asks for it morning/noon/night], crackers [graham esp but he'll also take fishies or cheeze-nips. not saltines... so really his maternity is up in the air], cookies [he's had many 10 cookies his whole life so i don't see why he asks for them incessantly but he does], hotdogs [or snaussigages as we call them in our house], cheese quesadillas/grilled cheese [or cheesewitches as we call them]. he's a pretty decent eater now- he rarely eats breakfast and goes through phases a lot where he's picky. but he'll normally eat pasta and rice pretty well, not much meat.

what landon does: *side note: i remember talking to my friend when i babysat her little toddler, landon being a baby. i was so worried- what do toddlers DO all day? i had no idea! now i get it. they do this* his favorite activities include reading books [or throwing them at me and running around the room while i read them], playing outside [he'd be out there all day looking at rocks or finding animals or pointing out cars], playing with his cars, throwing toilet paper in the toilet and flushing, washing his hands or playing in the sink, making a mess with his sensory boxes [not really playing with them, just throwing the rice places], hitting his hammer on things or putting a screw into his screwdriver right side up so it stays in there, hiding [usually under blankets or behind his closet], riding things that may or may not be vehicles, trying on shoes then walking around in them, and of course, watching tv [i have see car toons on netflix more then any one woman should. maybe i should buy him the real car's dvd but i'm too cheap. maybe for his birthday].

what landon loves: his bankie, oh how he loves those stupid bankies. luckily we have like 5 [they're just thin, small receiving blankets] and he's ok when i switch them out to wash. but he takes them all around the house, even trying to take them in his high chair. it's adorable but i know it's going to be a pain later in life. he loves his mama for sure- he follows me around everywhere usually wanting me to hold him up so he can see/grab something better then what's on floor level. he loves tv, esp the portable car tv when we set it up for him. he's a little kid lover [michael scott in training]. he loves to play with other kids but more like follow them around creeper style and stare at them and what they're doing. he will also do this with adults who are around said-child.he loves baths & milk. he loves climbing on chairs [then onto the table, then into his high chair. he gave me many a scares when i turn around and see him in his highchair, no idea how he got there]. he loves looking out the window but he ESP loves animals. esp dogs but he loves cats too. there's a duck statue in our neighbors yard and everyday when we go outside he runs out there, points and says 'quack quack!'. poor guy, we're going to have to get him a puppy for his birthday [poor mommy].

what landon hates: getting his diaper changed [every time he screams and kicks and throws a fit. every single time. that's at least 4x a day people!], putting clothes on [which usually occurs at a diaper change]. tubes [we went to mcdonald's this week and he was too scared to do anything because the whole thing was made up of tubes. so that tiny one in sacramento really was a challenge!]. he hates being held and snuggled, except when he wants to [early morning, watching a show or going down for bed]. he hates getting in his carseat [which he does at least 4x a day- can't wait til he's forward facing!]. he hates not being able to do things himself, like when we facetime and i have to hold the phone. he hates being left out [ok that's my kid], especially when we go into another door or close the door on him.

what he can say: he made a list here but here are some others: crackers, cookies, cars, kitty, quack, up, rocks, mama, dada, papa [which he calls my mom?? and also any other mystery man. i don't get it either]. he's also started to say cool which is hilarious. he's just talking so much - it's so much fun when he picks up a new word.

what we're working on: saying please and thank you. sharing and taking turns. not throwing fits and staying through all of sacrament [any ideas? i heard making the foyer not fun is a good way so i just take him outside, give him a light spanking then nose to the wall outside so he's begging to go back inside].

what we're looking forward to: sitting forward facing in the car, going back home to vegas and playing with his friends, the pool season, the popsicle season, potty training and of course, vegas vegas vegas.
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Caitlin said...

Happy 18 months!! He is so cute, and so busy! and I love that he says so many words. And the best part about 18 months? Officially nursery age.

Julie said...

26 pounds!!haha that's how much scarlett weighs...and she's 2 weeks shy of being 3!

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