Friday, March 22, 2013

why i love my little boy

confession: i never really thought about being a mom to a little boy. i'm super girly and i love me some pink. okay a lot of pink. i just never thought i could be a mom of little boys. we already had four grandsons in the family and one granddaughter. i just always assumed i'd get a little girl. and now my bff8 is having another little girl - but i know my next one will be a little boy. i still love little girl clothes and routinly buy them for friends but i'm learning, boys are kind of awesome. granted, i know nothing of little girls so i'm just assuming based on stereotypes. i've just really had it on my mind how much i enjoy my little boy. for several reasons

michael scott: yes it is true. i, michael scott, am signing up with an online dating service. thousands of people have done it and i am going to do it. i need a username, and i have a great one. little kid lover. that way people will know exactly where my priorities are. 

when he's tender - it's like a little glimpse of happiness. he's not a cuddly guy but sometimes when he's sleepy or just sweet for no good reason. it melts my heart. and i wouldn't appreciate his cuddles as much if he did it all the time. how he can get dirty and not even care - i abhore being dirty. i hate having my hands dirty at all. like at all- cooking, cleaning, being outside. gross. but landon has so qualms, just digs right into nastiness. today as he was making sand angels at the park and i was trying to touch him as little as possible, i realized how happy he was, no matter being dirty. that's a different kind of bliss. the toughness - landon i think is really unique in his ability to fall [repeatedly] and get hurt all the time but not really be that hurt. he is extremely clumsy but is unbelievably tough. that's nice not having to deal with crying and tears all the time. but he does cry- he hates it when he gets in trouble, more specifically when he gets yelled at. he doesn't like us being mad at him. the cool dude clothes - for the most part, boy clothes are the worst. like horrible. especially if you're extremely stingy and won't buy pants that cost more than $7 and only buy things on clearance [which we all know i wouldn't do if i had a girl]. but sometimes i find some awesome gems of skull & crossbones awesomeness that are totally rockin. and it makes me glad i have one cool dude to dress up. how he wants so badly to be like daddy - i love justin more then words and to see landon look up to him and try to emulate him, it's touching. he just follows him around and wants to do the big boy things. i love that i have two times the cuteness of boys around. cars, superheros & dinosaurs - baby dolls are a tad lame. adorable, but lame. they just lay there. cars make noises! superheroes have capes and dinosaurs rowr. boys are loud and rough but so much fun!

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KinderTeach said...

My favorite students are almost ALWAYS boys. Usually so much less whiny than girls too.

Kari said...

I love having a boy too!! And I never thought I would, in fact I was terrified of raising one. I still am half the time. But there is something so special about it.

And it's SO true about the boy clothes. Hardly any selection, and everything is way too expensive. Really? You want me to pay 20$ for church shoes he'll grow out of in three months? And yet, a little boy all dressed up is adorable.

I loved this post :)

Caitlin said...

A) I love how you mentioned me.
B) I have a 30% chance of still having a boy so I can experience all the coolness little boys have to offer too
and C) I love this post. I've heard there is nothing like the relationship between a mama and her boy.

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