Monday, March 25, 2013

how we play

being isolated from your friends and family really helps you become resourceful. gym time = free babysitting time, netflix = date night, you get the idea. landon has the attention of a teaspoon [much like ron's emotional range] so i'm always trying to think of fun new ways to keep him entertained, especially without the use of toys. the other night we had some friends over and they remarked how great & simple some of landon's 'toys' were and how nice it was i didn't freak out over messes. i figure, childhood is so short and there's nothing wrong with a little chaos every once in a while. here are some things i've come up with and hopefully it can give you ideas when you're stuck at home.

sensory boxes - landon loves his rice one the best because it makes the most mess but he plays better with oatmeal. as he gets older [aka, learns to not eat things] i'll make some out of rocks/dirt, slime/jello, or whatever fancies me at the moment. basically you just fill the box with different textures/shapes. for this i shop the dollar store for features, pipe cleaners, pom-poms. for easy clean up i now do it in a small plastic pool.

water table/sink/bucket - go outside and 'paint' the sidewalk, stand at the sink with different bowls/utensils. give them sponges or clothes. make some colorful ice cubes with things frozen inside.

play in the pantry - let them stack cans & boxes of food

play drums on your pots & pans

stack rock or put them in trucks

let them 'drive' your car - this is literally landon's favorite thing to do outside the house

read books in a new place - something as simple as reading in bed or on the grass outside makes it more interesting

go for a picnic outside

'paint' with yogurt in his highchair or make edible paint for the bathtub [here's one i found on pinterest]

tape tubes on your fridge & put things like pompoms or pipe cleaners down them

let them pull things out of boxes - landon's favorite is band aids [i even let him put some on his body - a box of 150 is $1] but he also loves to do this with diapers, playing cards or tissues.

play with blankets - wrap them up, hide under them, drag them for rides

invest in gymboree bubbles - no joke, the BEST bubbles ever. they don't pop!

actually get on the floor and roll around! roll, tumble, walk like a crab, just get physical! it's amazing how often we just sit like bumps on logs when they really want us to move like them.

let them destroy something, like a magazine or piece of paper. or just let them tear through your purse.

playing with magnets on the fridge or cookie tin- but beware, some children may be scared of the cookie tin and become stranded on top

i haven't let landon do this yet but i want to dye some spaghetti and let him play in a tub of it. i think it'd be hilarious.

this list is in no way comprehensive. a simple search on pinterest could find better lists but these are some of our favorite things to do to give you some fresh ideas. enjoy!
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Caitlin said...

I tried to let abby draw with yogurt on her tray and it lasted two minutes and then she was done. Oh well, you gave me a ton of other ideas!

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