Wednesday, March 20, 2013

weightloss wednesday: me & my underroos

the post you've all been waiting for - the one where i talk about my underroos. but first-
i am really proud of how good i've been in carson city. going to the gym has become my routine and when i miss it, i really do miss it. i've been going to the gym at least 4 times a week [mon-thur]. i was going 5-6 but my gym cut back it's childcare hours so i can't go friday because landon has a gym class the same time as the hours [but i routinely skip it] and saturday the hours are completely gone- that's usually the day i miss it when i didn't go friday as well. so i'll try to run outside..... but that doesn't happen much.

sorry for the selfie guys but you needed
to see the bra. plus i've got some
fantastic abs i'm very proud of
i've been hitting at least a mile a day running- usually more. i try to run at least two miles and a half one day per week. i'll spent at least 40 minutes on the treadmill total- varying the incline. i've noticed when just an incline of 1 it's that much harder to run, so i incline on my short run days. then i spent one day on legs/abs then one on arms/abs. then do 20 more minutes of additional cardio [stairs/gazelle/bike]. the other two days i hit a class - strength & core then cycling circuit. it's taught by an instructor i like and works my bod. after i do a mile run then walk for a total of 40 minutes.
*the ACSM recommends 30 minutes of cardio a day just to keep your heart healthy. 60 for weight loss*

now for the good stuff - i have been having lots of butt sweat issues [and for those that received my butt sweat pictures, you know just how nasty/bad it was]. so i switched up what i was wearing underneath and it made ALL the difference. i still got sweat a lot but it's significantly less. i also invested in a fancy schamncy sports bra. basically to skip the personals i've just started wearing cotton undies that help my neither region breathe.

seeing as how i am a busty gal [the bustiest i've ever met - if you don't include an old friend's great-great grandma who was like, a size m] i would usually double bag with tight sports bras. it was nice too because then i had a built-in shelf for my iphone between the layers. but this sadly had run it's toll and i was ready for something for legit. i found the panache bra while reading this article and i'm glad i invested the $75. i don't feel the underwire and my boobs are breathe better but i do miss my built in music shelf. it's definitely more supportive but i've also come to the realization that there's just no way running will ever be comfortable for me. i have flat feet [my podiatrist said i'd never be able to run for long distances], gigantic boobs & i'm carrying 40lbs i shouldn't. it's just not in the cards - but i can do my best. and this bra helps me achieve my best.

and now for my personal rant for you larger chested girls, stop trying to squeeze into conventional sizes! i know it's just heartbreaking to never find cute bras at target that cost $15. go to a speciality bra store, invest in a correct fitting [aka european sizes] and invest in a cute, supportive bra [typically spend about $40-70]. your boobies will thank me. *i feel like oprah right now*

oh and i'm down a few pounds - go me!
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KinderTeach said...

I'll be thankful for no more butt sweat pictures. Congrats on the poundage

Caitlin said...

Good job on the running pookles! You're awesome. And good job at finding a new bra and switching to cotton. But I'm not gonna lie, I've grown accustomed to those butt sweat pics, and they will be sorely missed.

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