Wednesday, January 23, 2013

remember that time we went to scheels?

last time we were up in carson, one of my old lady friends [read: an old lady who took pity on me and took me on a date with her and a mentally handicapped man] suggested we visit scheels in reno if we were looking to have fun. after searching for a good 10 minutes, i found the website [after many failed attempts to spell it] and decided that it would be bombtastic. but justin was sooo busy [he thought] so we never got around to it. that all changed this weekend.
presidents lined the 2nd floor- no clue why. see the dead animal mountain and airplane.
since session hasn't started and this week of busy [reports due, the state of the state address and training for new assembly people] was over, we had some time to kill. now, i didn't realize it was a 3 day weekend until 6pm friday night when justin suggested we drive to colorado to see the rebels play. that def wasn't going to happen. so i planned a day trip to reno.
landon woke up bright and early as usual and after my morning workout [go me!] and his nap we were going to dine at godfather's buffet [justin LOVES taco pizza. prob as much as he loves fruit snacks] then go visit scheels and be home in time for some game at 4pm. well, miracle of miracles, landon slept from 10:45am - 1:30pm. seriously, that NEVER happens. i usually am lucky to get one hour. we rushed up to reno after and found godfathers.

now if you have found 90's memories of it like we do, you remember going there after soccer tournaments and playing for hours with your friends - gorging yourself silly on dessert pizza. let me tell you my friends, it was literally like walking back into the 90s. same games. same carpet. same booths. it was so gross and decrepit. and turns out, the buffet is only on mon- fri. so we ordered a jumbo and waited for our pie. landon absolutely LOVED the games - he pretended to drive in the car games, sit in the little car that moves [he didn't like it when it actually moved though] and i taught him how to shoot a gun [he held it at the screen, i moved side to side crying 'sho! sho!']. it was fantastic. but once we got our pizza he had had enough and wasn't happy to be in his seat and not playing.

so we packed our pizza and headed to scheels - quickly- because it was already 3pm at this point. now reno is dirty, nasty and old but sparks [where scheels is] is so nice! if we had to live up north, i'd live in sparks. it's the henderson to las vegas. we didn't realize it was in a huge shopping district or else we would have planned being there longer but it was so much fun. i'd describe it as a cross between bass pro, dicks sporting goods and a cabellas. sooo gigantic it even had a ferris wheel inside! if only the line wasn't long and we didn't have landon [and justin wasn't afraid of heights]. it was seriously the coolest. plus they had two huge archway fish tanks, a play area/jungle gym for the kiddos, tons of simulators/games, and even a fudge cafe [we actually never found it, which i'm still bitter about]. it was two stories and on the second level there was a huge faux-mountain with a million stuffed [or fake?] animals. it was so cool to see how large these things are compared to you. landon had so much fun!

made me kinda wish i was into hunting. or fishing. or anything outdoorsy like that but woe is me, i love me some comfort. and non-camo clothing. in all, i am not hating carson as much as i did last time. don't misread that and think 'she likes carson' bc i def do not like it. but i'm finding my groove. i made another friend today [that's 2!]. i signed up for some classes/activities. it's not the worst so far.

so far.
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Caitlin said...

Did your mouth water when you saw the stuffed animals?

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