Monday, January 21, 2013

life lately: mancation & painted nails

here some snapshots of life around christmastime: life has been landon being a pretty pretty princess putting on my makeup. it's sending daddy snapshots of us while he was on his mancation with steven in north carolina. it's hanging with our favorite nephews and wishing they lived closer.
life has been full of oreos instead of food at grandma shells. it's taking baths with our favorite cousin ayden and being a bully with all the toys. it's eating mommy's makeup then giving daddy kisses on the phone when mommy says so [such a good little monkey boy].
it's been a zobrist party for christmas and waking up happy as ever. it's been scoring the most points ever in words with friends then getting my nails did for my present from justin. i LOVE gel nails- wish i could have them all the time like when i worked.
 it's been a cranky cranky kid who got really mad when i pulled him 18 month pants up grandpa high because they were too long. it's been doing anything and everything i can to keep him entertained at night with just me and that resulted in playing in the dirty sink. it's been an awesome christmas gift from mema to go along with his buzz lightyear rocket ship. look at those boots!
 it's been justin away on his mancation [although this pic is from a vegas game. our friends caught him on tv] and playing footsie with steven on the plane and seeing professional bball and football games.
 it's been my handsome boy playing outside in the freezing cold but wishing we could be out there all the time. it's his thinking he can ride his bike even though he barely reaches the pedals.
 it's facetiming with daddy and giving him lots of kisses from afar. it's snuggling in mommy's bathrobe and being very happy- then other times very sad. it's been sharing his hot wheels with charlotte and wishing we never have to leave her.

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Caitlin said...

I am so green over your gel nails. They look fabulous! And your Christmas did too!

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