Wednesday, October 17, 2012

weightloss wednesdays: muscle soreness

never thought i could reach this hill
the other day i did something horrible- 2 miles without stopping. it was the worst- never thought i'd get up this hill. i did it baby-free and in 11 miles each but still, horrible. my feet were killing me [why hello blisters!] and my ipod kept playing the same 5 songs. i couldn't wait to get home- and just lay down. and i did. just plopped on the ground and blogstalked til landon woke up.

man i paid for it the next day.

now now, i know what i should have done. i should have stretched. and for someone who loves to stretch, it was kind of a joke that i didn't. but you know how sometimes you are just so tired and sick of working out that you ignore logic and just crave the anonymity of stalking someone's life. granted, i love being sore. makes me feel like a champ, like i've done something. it's like my fat is crying.

most of the time, for most regular or casual exercisers, you experience regular muscle soreness. DOMS, or delayed onset muscle soreness is for the crazy gymers out there that pump iron. here are some basic tips to help you ease the soreness.

- drink WATER! before, after, during.
- eat before- but not too before. you don't want to get sick or have a heavy tummy, but you need fuel to move.
- warm up, which i talked about here.
- shake and move between sets - don't just sit down.
- cool down - think yoga moves, stretching
- eat after you workout- eat a banana or chug some chocolate milk.
- massage where you've hurt [like your feet or calves], apply ice if needed, and my favorite, take a warm bath.

and be happy that you're strong enough to do something others can't or won't.
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