Wednesday, July 25, 2012

workout wednesday: warmup & cool down, the backbone of a workout

if you ask stone what i hate the most in the world, it'd be static stretching. which is not true but that's very true. static stretching is when you do stationary stretching exercises, like reaching down to touch your toes or doing the flamingo stretch before you go running. nonononono!!!! warm-up if supposed to warm you up! meaning dynamic stretching, or stretching that gets you moving. like lunges, high kicks, knee highs, back pedals, etc. THAT'S what you should do before you go do something. most exercise videos will allow for that but not always. make sure every workout begins this way!

speaking of how much i despise static stretching, i don't really. i love love love stretching after a workout. to me, it's why you workout, prob why i love yoga so much. i love moving my body slightly to achieve a different stretch. to me, that's the most important part of keeping your body healthy.

*side story: one time in lacrosse, we had an intense, crazy trainer who was super critical and super mean. well one time a girl was bragging how flexible she was and he said 'it's because you have so much fat'. false- fat actually impedes flexibility. as does muscle mass, which is why it's important for body builders to stretch because it's not mutually exclusive.

i think most people are afraid of stretching because you look ridiculous and don't think it's beneficial. FALSE! it will improve your performance, make you feel better throughout the day, reduce your chances of injury, improves circulation, helps with balance, and lengthen your body out. make sure when stretching you don't bounce- it can cause muscles to tear. and don't make it painful. move to a point of discomfort, live there, move around, slacken back then push yourself a tad further. it's not a competition [hence why most people hate yoga! that's def not a competition either], it's about making yourself feel good.

our weekly update: we've been doing great! i'm still knocking out 30 min of video a day typically with rounds of push-ups and sit-ups. my friend gave me a new video to try- review coming soon. running at night has been a bit more difficult. because of the stinky weather, we only have a small window to do it before landon goes to bed and it's cool enough for the pavement to stop frying eggs and such. not to mention justin's recently been having some foot pain [going to the podiatrist today] so he hasn't been able to run. hasn't stopped me though! clocked my fastest mile [since i've been clocking my runs- so out of 4 runs] the other night- 11 mins and change. still not up to the 10 min mile i would do on the treadmill but again, that's a treadmill. a lot easier on the body/feet/and it's easier to zone out. oh and justin's continuing to drop weight like it's hot. i've lost maybe 1 or 2 so not much. prob because i'm still not good about eating... i'm getting there.
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Caitlin said...

Back in the days at SUU, I could never figure out why you loved Yoga so much. But now I do. It feels so good!! I feel somehow lean and skinny when I get done. And then I go home and oink some zingers (3 of them to save calories) and that feeling goes away.

Kari said...

Keep up the good work. I used to hate stretching but now I love it too - after a work out that is :)

Now to find some love for weight training/muscle building because it's lost somewhere very hard to find. I'm all about cardio.

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