Monday, July 23, 2012

mel's favorite things: july

raindrops & hail stones & lady doctor visits [it felt like a trip to the spa- i'm serious. no one was touching me, it was quite, i could play my 'scramble with friends' without someone whining in the background]
stolen from missy's fb
or the lady doctor, of the dentist, or the bathroom
chicken salad pitas with walnuts & craisins

bright covered diaper cakes tied up with ribbon
meghan's tea party baby shower diaper cake & awesome tea set i found
these are a few of my favorite things.

when the diaper's full, and you see a raisin, and you're feeling sad,
there had been another diaper change between the time i fed him this raisin and when i found it
i simply remember that it's almost bedtime, and then i don't feel so bad.

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1 comment:

Caitlin said...

Hahahaha!! So fune!

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