Thursday, July 19, 2012

Hoku had it wrong- today was the perfect day

You know, not every night at the Harrison compound is exciting. In fact, we usually mull around in our jammies/undies watching PBS news til it's bedtime for Landon. So today was very unusual.

On a whim (and were not whimmy people... Well, Justin's not) I suggested we go picnic at the park and go for our run there. Since the storm last week, weather has been a wonderful 99 degrees at night. While there, we saw plenty of dogs which made Landon happy and even a lost bunny! After dinner (delicious salad, chicken salad pita pockets and carrot/pear jello) and a quick run (12 min mile- not quite up to my 10 min best but better then yesrerday's 14) we can home and walked to the church in Landon's wheels for Justin to play his favorite sport (he likes to dribble up and down the court- reference anyone?) with some friends. It was just wonderful. Completely ordinary night but different all the same.

Sandra Dee was right- its all about those summer nights.
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1 comment:

Caitlin said...

That is a very nice evening. Now you've got me itching for a picnic round my house.

Next spontaneous thing: feed ducks.

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