Friday, July 27, 2012

walk like a zombie

my little puddin pop is a walker you know. he just walks walks walks all over the place- and usually walks into things. well because of said walking [like a zombie, i might add], we needed to get him some good shoes. you're supposed to get thin-soles for first time walkers till they aren't so wobbly so i bit the bullet and bought $15 shoes [i don't even pay that for me shoes...granted i haven't bought shoes wedding? my wedding shoes? wow that's so sad] at target and he is all over the place!
playing with the fabric softener sheet, his fav. oh and shannon he's wet bc he drank lots of water and spit it out aka his second favorite thing to do
and puppies of course- my little guy is a huge puppy lover.

i never realized that 9 1/2 months is early to walk [prob bc i know a lot of people who had earlier walkers]. personally, i push him over whenever i have the chance because he is already into everything. and i mean everything- this guy is naughty. so walking will make it easier for him! i think the reason why he walks so good is because he doesn't mind falling. he falls and hits and bumps into everything. no joke, his head is covered in bruises- people prob think i'm a child beater. i'm not, just a child-pusher-over. last monday he was standing on the ground, clinging to my bed and fell sideways, hitting the edge of our bed frame on his gums. he started spitting up blood- i was terrified! eventually it subsided. but still was black and blue and had some hanging skin off the top of his lip.

win for mom.

it's still super tender for him. yesterday we visited dr. jay aka my new dentist at dr. simister's aka my new friend's husband in our ward [small world!] and he said it would heal itself over time. the top of his front tooth is missing gum.... just breaks my heart. poor guy. but that doesn't keep him down.
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KinderTeach said...

I thought he just liked to spit out my water. :)

Caitlin said...

Yes 9 months is super early to be walking!! He looks so cute doing it!

Can't believe how fast my little popkin man is growing!

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