Monday, July 30, 2012

life lately: death cookies & a scardy pants

loving spaghetti so much he puts it on his head and saves it for later. our new curtains we're gonna get- can't wait! seeing "the wizard of oz" at the library. again, landon was weirdly scared [he didn't like puppets either!] but his bottle calmed him down. here he is clinging to me. 
 cuddling with mommy in the car. daddy's death cookies that were made with tons of healthy crap and tasted like crap. seriously, i cannot overstate how horrible these cookies were. yet he ate every one just to spite me. well played. here landon is eating my makeup brush, thinking he won the lottery. and here he is eating his blanket- how cute is my baby? i'll answer that. super duper.
 babysitting haddie a couple hours- she is the world's best baby and oh so adorable. but the best part of babysitting was when her mom brought me back a delicious oreo cupcake....yum. lately i've been feeding the babe some yolk-french toast and he loves it. except when he falls asleep at the high chair, which is adorable. my mom came home for a day or two so we played with grandma and peanut [the weird green headed kid].
 playing with peanut with the pop-up red tubey thingy. he HATED it- seriously so scared. weird, i bought that for peanut when he was little and now he's a giant. peanut kept jumping inside it, trying to make it fun but landon was not buying it. landon loved playing with duke- he sure loves his dogs. cute little bug and he is such a mouth sleeper.
life is just fabulous here in the city.
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Caitlin said...

Those cookies look like poop. Raining from the ceiling. poop.

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