Monday, July 30, 2012

baby update: the one i missed

monthage: 10- actually, according to me, he's been 10 months for the past month. for some reason i've been telling everyone he was 10 months old until my friend holly corrected me. seriously, i just skipped over 9. 

poundage: 22lbs and lots of change- so like 23

teethage: solid 5 [3 on bottom, 2 on top] and his 2 incisors are coming in...slowly.

movement: mobile! this was the month that my baby walked! how exciting!! at the beginning, he did NOT want to be on his tummy. then he did NOT want to roll over. then he figured that out, loved it- then decided he could pull himself up. which slowly led to pacing around the walls/couches. which led to falling- a lot of falling. and bruises all over his bald head. kid is a magnet for injury. luckily he's super tough and doesn't cry hardly at all when he falls [he chooses to cry at other times- when nothing is wrong except no one is holding him]- i think that's why he's walking so early. walking is now his choice form of movement- he will crawl to a wall, pull himself up and go. he falls sometimes- like when he gets excited- or when he trips and falls head first into walls [happened yesterday] or into bookshelves [today] or corners [every day that ends in -y]. i love him walking- because of the shoes i get to buy with it. he's a lot more work though- church is particularly stressful.
*i won't pretend these videos are interesting. they're not- he doesn't do anything cute at the end- just fun to see him move.

what landon loves: puppies! no joke, he just loves dog. more then his mom and dad for sure. anytime he sees one he stares- and smiles when they get close. he'll often reach out and open/close his hand [his way of saying he wants it]. he also makes the same noise whenever we see his mema's puppies ["hoo! hoo!"] which meghan swears is his barking.... still. he loves dogs. taking second to dogs is books- he loves loves loves books. primarily, he likes turning the pages but will sit there and let me read to him numerous times in the day, which is sweet. his favorite books right now is this slider baby einstein book with farm animals that we make the animal sounds to. he also loves another large print animal book. and of course, buenos dias baby- the small board board meghan gave him a long time ago. he's also a giant fan of throwing- food, balls, books- anything. he loves to throw, esp at mommy's face when she's holding him. 
one of his many injuries
what landon hates: bathtime, particularly sitting in the water. he's had some bad diaper rashes lately so maybe that's why? he doesn't play with his toys much. he HATES the carseat and refuses to enjoy any part of it. i try singing, giving him toys, hanging things up- nothing. he just stares at the baby mirror, seeing me, and scowls the whole way. such a dq, my little boy is. he hates not being picked up too.

what landon can do: throw temper tantrums! man and he does them. he also LOVES his car that a friend gave me and we often take him out on it at night. well he loves to push it- sometimes he'll see it in the garage and when we take him away from it, he throws the BIGGEST fits. he can clap like a champ. we're working on baby sign language but still don't got that down. oh and he's a two a day pooper- isn't that much for a baby? i don't even poop that much!

his favorite things: going out of the house [we have to at least once a day or we both go crazy]. play times with his girlfriends. swimming [do this at least once a week]. baby einstein. computer cords. eating our couch. spoons. 

how he's sleeping: i changed his bedtime routine a while back ago to dinner, play/walks with mom and dad, bottle, bathtime, jammies, story, song and bed and that has helped TONS! when we put him down he will sometimes fuss for a bit but not screaming like he used to. now he sleeps 9-5:30/6, with about 3, 20 min naps. it's the best i can hope for. because some day he sleeps for a WHOLE HOUR and it's like heaven on earth. 

eating his blanky
food he loves: i cut down his bottle intake loads and now he eats more. he LOVES baby yogurt but won't touch whole milk yogurt mixed with fruit [he loves that added sugar!]. he's getting better at eating squeezable baby food but that's the only baby food he'll eat. i give him loads of finger foods- i have for a long time [prob earlier then i should have] but he loves it. usually he'll eat egg yolk french toast with apples/grapes for breakfast- oh and he LOVES bananas. he loves spaghetti but doesn't like chicken. he loves breads and goldfish [his father's indulgence]. HUGE fan of puffs/cheerios but i limit those carbs bc that's all he'll eat. he also likes apple sauce so i try to mix in carrots or some other baby food in there too.

what we're looking forward to: well since walking in underway, what's left? oh ya, HIS BIRTHDAY! i seriously am so jazzed- it's gonna be a joint bday extravaganza at the park with his 2 girlfriends. a puppy/hello kitty/pig theme! it's going to be so fun. mark your calender's people- sept 22! 

what we're working on: baby sign language, walking and not falling, not getting into dangerous/naughty things, not crawling on mommy while she is exercising, waving bye-bye. 

how mommy is doing: i just love this age- it's so much fun. we can go to stores, i know when he's sleeping, when he'll eat, he can play and be happy for a bit [not by himself but we're working on it]. this pre-toddler stage is LOADS better then the baby. my friend sam came to mommy date this week and his little boy is much like landon so he screamed- the whole time- so she had to leave. made me realize just how MUCH i hated the baby stage. so baby #2 is going to be hard to swallow. i just love my little boy- he is so much fun. except when he's whining. or screaming. not a big fan of the poops either---but i just love him.

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KinderTeach said...

I believe it was in the 10 months time that we started getting hair too

Caitlin said...

You rock as a mom! 2 more months and he'll be a year! I can't believe how fast time has flown.

I LOVE that picture of him on his belly playing with that walking toy. Just love it!

Kari said...

Just so you know with the kid pooping twice a day - my son goes about four times a day so consider yourself lucky! And as long as it's not too runny they can poop as many times as they's actually a good sign showing that they're regular. Sucks as a mom, and on the wallet, believe me I know! I wish my son could consolidate a bit more.

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