Monday, October 15, 2012

life not so lately: found these hidden on my iphoto

you know what the worst is? forgetting if you have posted pictures or not. i swear my life is not that interesting but here we go anyways. 
 life has been hanging out at grandma's house and riding the motorcycle and tractor, a rite for a zobrist grandkids. it's been getting our smash cake for our photo 4 weeks ago.
 it's been driving mommy's car and wishing i could be 16 already. it's been making a hoop out of my trash can and tossing my bottle in it. it's been using utensils and becoming quite the master- all while honing my domestic skills. he LOVES the broom. granted, it's no nimbus 2000 but he's still quite young.
 it's watching my daddy destroy and clear out our backyard and wishing i could be a big boy and go outside and help him.
 it's finding a good vantage point from every room in the house to watch him. even watching him while i eat.
 life has been making german chocolate cupcakes without most of the ingredients and they still turned out delicious. it's drawing and missing my best friend. it's making my landon a pretty pretty princess.
it's been confusing as water falls from the sky. water. how did it get up there? it should be in my bathtub!
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Sam said...

I love how you posted one of my better drawings. I miss you too. :(

On other news, That bottom close up picture of Landons face is so cute! He looks so concerned/confused.

Caitlin said...

Ps...that above comment was clearly me. Not Sam.

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