Wednesday, October 3, 2012

weightloss wednesday: where i'm at

so i'm not as brave as some to tell you what i weight-- even though i know many of you are dying [and i say that as another who loves when she finds out what someone weighs]. lets just say it has three numbers and ends in a zero. which is exactly what i weighed when i got pregnant with landon but it's not where i was when i first got married- for that, i need to lose 15lbs. doesn't seem like a lot right? for me, it's horrible. it's the same 15 i've been battling since college. i've lost them, i've gained them.

ugh- i'm so sick of it. honestly, i could live this way forever. but i don't want to. food has always been my weakness. i try to justify it, pretend it's not my achilles but it is. so confession:

tonight we had some friends over for fhe and i had one cookie bar. then another. followed by 2 more. and the day before that i oinked down some skittles- followed by an ice cream bar for dinner. and a large slurpee.

man i need to stop the oink train and hop aboard the ww express. i did pretty good the first round but i got lazy and thought i could keep it up but i failed. so this time, i'm going to start planning out my meals for the day and shun all goodies except for my weekly slurpee----because the earth will stand still before i give those up.

discouragement. the worst. but i have high hopes for this next week. no more parties. just the official month of candy. i'm writing myself a plan of food and exercise and i am going to follow it!
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Caitlin said...

That is exactly how I was last week. I had no shame. Especially last Tuesday on my way home from a work party,(where I oinked my face off)I was literally STUFFING MY FACE with my muddy buddies. Like I barley would swallow and there would be another handful in my mouth. The next morning when I got to my car there was a little trail of powdered sugar from the passenger seat to the drivers.

This week has been better though, and I know you can get good again! Awesome you're down to pre-landon weight though! I'm still battling 4 pounds of Abby, then I also have some more I neat to lose.

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