Friday, October 5, 2012

life lately: how landon sees things

**in case you don't read landon's blog, it is a hoot. check it out sometime. here is a teaser into his brain**
 life lately is me sneaking out the front door and making my great escape- until mom snatches me and forces me back in. it's watching daddy and grandpa destroy then build back up our side wall, trying to put a gate in it. it's being terrorized by the demon known as cookies the dog. my mom puts it near things she doesn't want me to hit [ie: tvs, charlotte, etc]. it's me sneaking some ice from her cup and being overly ecstatic about it.
 life has been playing the piano with my tushy- and being quite the maestro. it's learning how to take outlet covers off and eating them, then sticking them back in. it's also sneaking broccoli from the crisper and eating it around the house. it's my mom royally ruining chocolate crepes on the old zobrist german pancake maker. it's meeting my new bf taylor and hoping to give her kisses.
 life has been trying on my dad's old man spectacles and realize just how blind that man actually is. it's playing with my car - indoors! and climbing every which way and falling every which way and still loving it. it's my mom ignoring me to slam dunk everyone on scramble with friends. it's going to the grand prix and playing with grandpa. it's hiding behind the stand and playing hide and seek with mommy.
 it's watching daddy race on the race track and wanting to join in. it's playing in the park with charlotte and hoping to steal it a kiss. it's also enduring the swings and hoping mom won't make me stay in it long. it's becoming a blanket hoarder- finding any blanket in the house and creating a nest for myself.
 it's my mom throwing ANOTHER baby shower [5th this year] for her two girlfriends and not even getting to go - thanks dad!
 it's helping daddy outside by collecting rocks and putting them in cinder blocks. you're welcome.
 life has been playing with noodles in a jar- throwing them in and out. it's hitching a ride on my grandpa and playing with my favorite toy in the whole world.
 life has been my parent's ditching me to go on a fancy date to a fundraiser at a fancy golf resort and only getting one horrible picture that we paid a valet to take- who was younger then them.
 it was my daddy's birthday, complete with sprinkle pancakes, a pantry full of fruit snacks, helping him open presents and even blowing out like a bazillion candles. oh and it's him rubbing in the fact that he was a beauty pageant winner.
life has been playing out front and collecting rocks, piling them up on the water spout. it's been taking naps and finding any way to escape. it's been my mom drawing pictures of my grandma [read: "don't wear birks to church! and ALWAYS wear hose"] complete with chin hairs. it's my mom forcing me to go in the tube at the park and hating it.

there you go, life is pretty fab here. for more of my ramblings, check out out my blog here.
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