Wednesday, October 24, 2012

weightloss wednesday: what to do with the kids

i don't know about you guys but i am not lucky enough to use my nap time as exercise time. landon is a 60 minute on the dot kind of napper [he knows that's my minimum] and by the time that rolls around [11am] i am ready for some me-time. and by me time, i mean fbsing, catching up on my shows, or cleaning the bathroom without little paws trying to play in the toilet water.

i don't condone this behavior
but i've got to give her props
so typically i try to exercise a bit after breakfast but before nap time [thus, securing my selfish time] so around 9am. lately i have been HATING exercise videos - hate hate hating. i'd rather poke my eyeballs out. so i go running. now here's the kicker, i have to time it right so he doesn't fall asleep on the run [which he really tries to do bc he wakes up at 6am] or else it reeks havoc on his morning nap. so i'll run a little less then a mile to the park - let him play the run back, getting a little bit of a mile run. then we play at that park. now it's not much but it's about all he can handle. then when i'm feeling motivated, i'll throw in some crunches/push ups/leg lifts at home. so it's not much but it's exercise.

what do you do to keep the kids occupied? does everyone else do it when they nap? am i the only selfish cow out there?

i found some tips here- and added some of my own

- if your kids are old enough, get them involved. ride bikes together, go rollerblading [all the cool kids do], or play with your wii. anyone try just dance 4 yet?! i'm waiting for xmas for my copy.
- if your baby is small enough, strap them to your body and do a walking/low impact video. do some lunges.
- go to the gym. paying sucks but it's free childcare! my friend who is a mother of twins would even sometimes use the daycare then take a quick nap in the yoga room on stressful days. so you're really getting your moneys worth.
- trade off with a friend. let her go to a class one morning then you go another day.
- MOVE with them! i've noticed sometimes i just lay on the floor like a blob and push around a car hoping landon is amused. what he really loves is when i run around on my hands and knees, when i chase him or play hide and seek, when we go running outside. and his favorite thing is when i dance around him in his highchair. seriously, he can't get enough of my grooves.
- and last but not least, i am no stranger to bribing good behavior with a video. sometime i'll set up my computer to play baby einstein on the couch so i can get a 30 min shred in. what ever works.
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Caitlin said...

You're not the only one who doesn't work out during nap time. If she is getting tired and my work out isn't done, I'll make very loud noises to keep her awake. I need her nap times!!

And I LOLed when you said you lay like a blob on the floor and push around a car hoping it's good enough. I do the exact. same. thing.

Kari said...

If you have a Wii, there are some pretty great work out games that change it up so you aren't doing the same thing every day like Wii Zumba, or for a really good work out Wii Active. They also have Wii Active More Workouts to add onto that and I personally like that one better. I get super sick of work out videos too, but I can keep going back to these because they change it up everyday so I don't know what you're up for.

Also, I'm with you on the kids thing. Now that it's too dark to wake up early in the morning, I have to wait until my husband gets home from work to go running and bemoan the fact every time. To have the luxury of managing our own schedules!

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