Monday, October 22, 2012

turn off the boob tube & read: yet another vampire book

this month's book club was selected in honor of halloween - so a tad on the morbid side. "abraham lincoln: vampire hunter" by seth grahame-smith is his second novel based upon popular fiction ["pride & prejudice & zombies"]. i never read the other or even saw the film, seeing as how it was rated pirate [read: arrrr] but i heard it was violent and nothing like the book.

this was an interesting book because it reads like a biography. the writer tells a story with frequent "quotes" from lincoln's journal. and like most biographies, it was quite boring at parts. no doubt it was founded upon things that actually happened in lincoln's life, which was interesting and made me feel smart for knowing, but had a great vampire undertone. it wasn't too bloody/violent surprisingly.

i don't think i'd read his other novels because these kind of books aren't my kind of thing- i'm more of a twilight vampire then an ann rice one. but it was a quick, fun read in time for halloween.

speaking of books, i finally finished the 3rd novel in the mark of the lion series [last month's giant of a book- a voice in the wind] and i must say-- i'm quite disappointed. i devoured the first, begrudgingly read the 2nd to find out how it ends and barely survived the 3rd. it got way too preachy and unrealistic at the end.

anyone got a great book they want to share? i'm always on the lookout.
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Kari said...

If you don't mind a longer read, you could try The Name of the Wind. It's the first book in the Kingkiller Chronicles. I just read it and LOVED it.

Also, you should get on with Caitlin and I and then you can see what everybody's reading and how they like books and rate the books you read too. They also send you books you might like based on what you read and like. I always like to add another friend on goodreads :)

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