Monday, August 27, 2012

turn off the boob tube & read: the 500 pg giant

so when amy selected this month's book club book, a voice in the wind by francine rivers, i thought "holy moly, hp #1 wasn't even this long!". i was REALLY not looking forward to this book. also because it's a christian book. and the cover- doesn't it look like something fabio is going to jump out of?

despite it all, i love amy so i gave the book and chance and pushed through the first few chapters of blood shed, confusing words and weird setting. but oh my goodness i am so glad i did. this book is amazing! a great love story- but surprisingly, a great book to make you reflect upon your beliefs as a christian. the story follows three characters- hadassah [amy's daughter's namesake- this is also ester's jewish name fyi] is a jewish christian 100 years after christ's death. as a young girl, she almost starves to death, witnesses her entire family's execution from romans and walks across countries to become a slave to a roman family. atretes is a young german tribal leader who was taken a slave by the romans during battle and is groomed to be a gladiator. marcus is the son of the family hadassah serves. he is an ambitious, money hungry young man who is quite promiscuous might i add. he falls in love with hadassah.

amist all this drama, it talks about hadassah's christian faith and how she had to hide it from so many people. the romans look at her and assume she is of the jewish faith, not just of the jewish ancestry. it's amazing how humble and meek she is- makes me want to be a better person and a better christian. plus the love story is quite amazing too- with just the right about of sexual tension to keep it spicy [ya, you heard me]. what i love about this book too is the history. i am no nerd, mind you, but it's so interesting to read how life was back then. to be honest, you have to push through the first 2 chapters- there's a lot of blood, a lot of confusing back story and often many names and words you won't understand [there's a glossary of terms in the back]. soo worth it people. worth. it.

and by worth it, i mean this ain't yo mama's 'work and the glory' people- there are marraiges, divorces, murders, pregnancies, abortions, births, deaths [lots of deaths]- and really, really compelling characters. but lets get honest, i love a good sexual tension between two people.

this is the first book in a series of three- no doubt all 500+ pages but you know i'll be getting these read! i literally picked up this book less then a week ago and devoured it. can't wait to sink my teeth into the 2nd one.
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