Friday, August 24, 2012

life lately: bring out your dead

is watching my little baby eat himself every time we get to the mirror page in his book- like clockwork. the cutest thing i've ever seen. it's playing in the park with his basketball. it's walking around the kitchen clanking the rice tray calling "bring out your dead"[in my head at least]. it's wearing our bib backwards like a cape.
 it's going to tanner's first birthday party. it's carrying a bag of ramen around and acting like it's a bag of full gold- or at least chocolate nuggets. it's having a 'that's what she said' moment with my mom & sisters. it's killing at draw something.
 it's getting the same picture twice because it's just that cute. it's watching some creepy show [anyone else heard of the doodle-bops?] sunday morning early with a sick baby. it's a baby eating my window sill. it's playing with bubbles. it's my baby's face all beaten & bruised from falling so much.
 it's going on a night stroll in our car and wanting to go to bed. it's mimicking cousin it with a cute, naked tooshie. it's wearing so many towels on our head that we can't pose for one more picture. and it's forgetting i already used this one and including it twice.

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